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PCB Thickness and BLR

Jul 24, 2019 | Typically, the reliability of PCBs suffers significantly due to the increase in aspect ratio. It is

Have any paper or data talking about "BGA Stencil design guideline for avoid bridge"?

Sep 6, 2018 | Dear davef, All of this are takling about how to improve release solder paste, Area ratio, aspect


Jul 17, 2015 | A1: In PCB fabrication, the aspect ratio is the thickness of a PCB divided by the diameter of a dril


Jul 16, 2015 | Hi, Question 1: can anyone explain me what the VIA ASPECT RATIO is? Question 2: Let's say

Solder Paste layer question

Dec 2, 2012 | Where might I obtain this software that performs the aspect ratio for stencils, I could use Excel bu

Solder Paste layer question

Dec 1, 2012 | Do you mean the Paste Layer of the Gerber files? If so then you can check for aspect and area ratio

Solder Paste Type for QFN Printing

Aug 25, 2010 | Whatever you would normally use to print that size part on the pcb should work. Same aspect ratio r

solder paste volume

Apr 14, 2010 | After checking some of our stencil data for the correct aspect ratio I found that a few are wrong. I

Stencil thickness

Sep 27, 2009 | The same issue i faced 2 yrs before , i sugest 1. Use stencil of 4 mils ( Take care of Aspect Rat

stencil apertures for BGA

Apr 11, 2008 |

Tented Via's

Feb 25, 2008 |

Small batch Manufacturing

Dec 17, 2007 |

Stencil Thickness

Jun 27, 2007 | 5 mil will treat you just fine. Do some research on stencil area ratio and aspect ratio if you ever

Kester paste problems

May 22, 2007 | What are the area and aspect ratio of the apertures that clog? When you print, you should be able

Kester paste problems

May 22, 2007 |

Invar Stencils

Mar 16, 2007 |

Invar Stencils

Mar 7, 2007 |

Solder Paste Inspection

Mar 2, 2007 |

IPC Questions........

Aug 31, 2006 |

Imm Silver & Screen Printing

Aug 1, 2006 | Chunks, Make sure your aspect ratio is OK. Normally for an application like this, I would use a .0

Aspect Ratio Calculation

May 30, 2006 | Aspect ratio: The ratio of a via�s length or depth to its pre-plated diameter. So, in your case,

Aspect Ratio Calculation

May 28, 2006 | I read about 10:1 , 6:1 aspect ratio but I don't understand how it works. Can someone explain how yo

fine pitch printing

May 18, 2006 | Russ asks good questions and I think Chunks pretty much nailed it. Aspect ratio (aperture width/s

Fighting solder beads

Mar 21, 2006 |

Fine Pitch Stencil Design

Dec 8, 2005 | I'm with Grant on the .005" foil thickness. The key is to keep your aspect ratio (aperture width

stencil cleaning

Oct 17, 2005 |

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 14, 2005 |

Lead Free Stencil Design

Jul 13, 2005 |

SMT Stencil Aperatures

Jun 3, 2005 | Search the fine SMTnet Archives for "aspect ratio" and for "area ratio".

Stencil Thickness

Dec 15, 2004 |

Step stencil troubles

Sep 17, 2004 |

what's your recommended size(diameter) for via in pad

Aug 3, 2004 | Conductive epoxy is usually specified as less than 6:1 aspect ratio fill capable, while non-conducti

Via in pad

Jun 11, 2004 |

Type 4 solder paste

Apr 12, 2004 |

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