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When handling the wiring density in attention to what issues?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 01 02:20:06 EDT 2016 | allan10

many thanks !

When handling the wiring density in attention to what issues?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 27 06:00:02 EDT 2016 | allan10

100MHz) high density PCB design i worked in pcbgogo ,is a chinese Custom PCB Prototype Manufacturer, any help will be appreciated ,here is my web:www.pcbgogo.com/f

When handling the wiring density in attention to what issues?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 15:53:26 EDT 2016 | davef

Much a the accumulated knowledge is here: IPC-2252 - Design Guide for RF/ Microwave Circuit Boards [http://www.ipc.org/TOC/IPC-2252.PDF]

Solderability of Resistor Network Arrays

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 04 18:03:25 EDT 2002 | arzu

I recognize this problem as well, building only prototypes with all attention possible, the (small) networks need extra attention for they show opens. Maybe it helps to increase the placementforce a bit to increase the contact area to the paste befor

performance improvement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 14:20:54 EDT 2002 | davef

So, where do you want to focus our attention? What types of problems are you rejecting?

An example of a good

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 24 13:08:04 EDT 2002 | bdoyle

the thing is though, by bumping the thread it may attract the attention of new people who didn't see the original.

Universal GSM software question

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 11 13:11:21 EST 2005 | jk@37h3r.net

Thanks for the advice, and for bringing the licensing to my attention. -john.

How to remove Oxides from older components? Fine Pitch

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 19 03:33:45 EDT 2009 | rocko

Pay attention that sometimes the ultrasonic energy may damage ICs.

Tools For Cleaning PCB after Soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 23 04:12:53 EDT 2017 | qcamfg

You should drawing the attention of large contract manufacturers and large supply chain players.

Pick failure rate

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 18 15:41:59 EDT 2013 | cbeneat

For 0402's, if the operator is paying attention, our equipment Panasonic CM 402/602/NPM's run at about .001%. Again this is dependent on an operator that pays attention to the fail rate. We usually don't have too many problems with 0402's, LED's ar

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