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Missprint PCB cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 18 17:20:16 EDT 2008 | jlawson

Try Avantec Topklean EL-60, can clean off solder paste or uncured glue, is hydrocarbon based cleaner - but with high flash point. Will evapourate faster than water based solutions, not as fast as IPA , but does much better job.

SMT on Flexible circuits

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 21:59:09 EST 2007 | vshan

Hi Jim Good Day yes we are using a pallet bottom support as well as top cover. The top cover are design such a way that the solder paste area is open. the type of solder is lead free type(Avantec-ecorel free) in one panel consists of 28 parts and e

SMT on Flexible circuits

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 15 20:27:11 EST 2007 | vshan

Hi Chris Good Day!!!! well we are running flex panel(150x270) with one connector(3 pin legs both sides) insert. Each panel consists of 28 parts and its used for disk drive industries. We are having a pallet to support with the top cover design such

Running with sn100c in my solder pot!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 30 20:39:52 EDT 2006 | johnwnz

Grant, Haven't doen any work with the SN100C paste, the problem I guess is yoru subject to the suppliers flux base so if that is poor then the alloy may not perform as well as it could. We've found Avantec to be pretty good at SMT but have got SN100C

Wave flux and profiling

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 15 18:36:46 EST 2006 | Grant

Hi, I have noticed we are getting residue on our wave pcb's and it's worse with lead free, since we changed to the flux we are using. We are currently using Avantec VOC Free flux model Ecofree 303. It looks like it's made in Malaysia. Does anyone h

simple doubt about reflow profile

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 18 16:47:34 EST 2007 | darby

As I stated, the reply was direct from Indium, (thanks to Rich Brooks). The information regarding cool down rates should come from your paste supplier; not an oven supplier; not a generic article on lead free. I just went through the data sheets from


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