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Komax CFA bad crimps

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 28 12:03:15 EST 2015 | alfred747

Hi there, I'm just using a komax Gamma 255(novice), but sometimes I get some bad crimps values, does someone can give me the explanation of them, thanks. http://postimg.org/image/4wltdnpdb/

Aoi golden bad board

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 21 02:26:32 EDT 2018 | sebestajaromir

Hello gentleman, I saw many topics regarding aoi verification but I didn't see how You handle with board with simulated failures during life time, because we Are facing issue with ageing of tin oxidation. Is it any idea how to solved this issue?

bad connections, or not?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 12:17:57 EST 2001 | slthomas

Thanks Dave. Talked to a few people at APEX this week and if nothing else, had my frustration reduced some. Of course I made sure I talked to mfg. people and avoided the design guys like the plague. ;) I actually picked up a copy of 785 a while bac

bad connections, or not?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 12 16:35:00 EST 2001 | Steve Thomas

I've got a question: Can a joint look good externally, even under 45X magnification, and not be mechanically and/or electrically sound? I thought that if the wetting angles were sufficient, there's no discoloration from extreme thermal distress, or

bad connections, or not?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 15 14:25:54 EST 2001 | davef

Let me make several points on this issue � POINT 1: Let�s be basic � Soldering and welding are examples of process that the quality types call "special processes". Special process. The results of special processes cannot be verified fully by subs

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 20 06:50:36 EST 2008 | caerleon

I always thought that the use of palladium was specifically for conductive epoxies!?!

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 05:40:48 EST 2008 | jandon

We have same problem with Burr Brown OPA277UA.

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 18 07:22:56 EST 2008 | wewilldoit

Hi folks! TI told us that we are the only one with the following problem... We discovered a really bad wetting characteristic of some SMD ICs from BurrBrown. At the moment: XTR106 / INA118 / ADS7844. After the reflow process we found out that this pa

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 18 19:14:04 EST 2008 | swag

We had very similar solderability problem with TI P/N SN74LVC2G34DCKR.

Burr Brown ICs bad solderability

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 19 14:08:55 EST 2008 | stepheniii

TI was leadfree before ROHS. I saw TI solderability issues over 10 years ago. The leads have paladium and need higher reflow temperatures.

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