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smt reliability vs thru hole

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 15 21:52:15 EST 2000 | Dave Bartlett

I am looking for information comparing the reliability of smt boards vs thru hole boards. Also, information on when to use thru hole instead of smt if there is such a case. Background - We currently make temperature controller with a mix or smt and

Re: acceptable defect rates for smt process, in ppm.

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 18 20:31:10 EST 2000 | WDavidson

It makes a difference what the normalizer is. We calculate solder ppm and placement ppm separately for each assembly. Solder ppm = #solder defects*1E6/(Qty boards*#solder joints per board). For us this number is easily less than 50 and sometimes

Camalot Dispenser - Magnetic Board Supports

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 14 03:52:34 EST 2000 | Scott Davies

To any users of Camalot Adhesive Dispensers... Do any of you know where I could get hold of the spring loaded magnetic board supports used on, for example, the 3800 machine. Camalot's representatives here in the UK, Speedline, are asking a ridiculou

Re: ENTEK boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 20 23:01:19 EST 2000 | KS Wong

Larry, My lines are running ENTEK boards all the while. Currently, we used Kester R-252 solder paste. We found voids! Now we are evaluating the Alpha Metal UP78-M. I've been told that the better flux due solve the voids problem, especially whe

Pricing of SMT boards

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 06 15:21:40 EST 2000 | Dick Casagrande

When going to a subcontractor for a board with mixed technology, primarily SMT, does anyone have a rule of thumb on pricing. So much per SMT component + so much for thru-hole + setup, of forget setup just use the component count. I'm just trying to g

Re: Via in the middle of a pad

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 10 10:02:57 EST 2000 | Istv�n Dominik

We had the same problems. Certainly the best solution to redesign the boards. Otherwise the holes must be plugged. We tried many solutions (more paste, printing twice etc.) but the result was almost the same. Finally we printed solderpaste only on th

Wave Soldering 0603

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 21 13:18:18 EST 1999 | John Sims

My company is just beginning in SMT. We are using a glue and wave solder process to build mixed technology boards. Our components are mostly 1206 and 0805 chips. The designers are wanting to use 0603's on an upcoming board. I'm concerned that the

Wave soldering smt components

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 14 13:39:16 EST 1999 | KA

Hello Everyone! I have encountered a situation where I have surface mount components on the backside of the board and I need to wave all the through hole leads on the backside as well. Can this be done? I thought of the possibility of adhering the

Re: Printing smear

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 15 15:51:42 EST 1999 | cb

Tracy, Gary made some good points, you could also to check to see if you have the printer taking a long enough stroke over the board. I have seen some people not have the squeege come across the board enough and the paste roll is still setting over

Adhesive on hot PCBs

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 08 10:03:48 EST 1999 | Ken Daniels

I have a problem dispensing chip adhesive while boards are still hot from the topside process. Has anyone else seen this? Is it a matter of my material, or the machine (Fuji GL 5) or the mask. When I try to dispense I get a great deal of stringin

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