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pc board defects

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 14 12:24:44 EDT 2002 | scottefiske

We need to remember here that as printer manufacturers were enhancing their product lines, miniaturization was quickly being developed in the background. In the last 2 years I was involved in developing and conducting a D.O.E./F.M.E.A in determining

Board Handling Error: Waiting for output board transfer to complete, on GSM1 4681A UIC

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 17:35:45 EDT 2016 | travishemen

We have similar machines and they will give errors like this if the adjustable sensor on the unload end is over the fixed or movable rail.

Board Handling Error: Waiting for output board transfer to complete, on GSM1 4681A UIC

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 15:43:48 EDT 2016 | ddina

Recently started setting up our GSM 4681A system, and one of the machines comes up with the message "WAITING FOR OUTPUT BOARD TRANSFER TO COMPLETE" after the Zeroing process has been started. Machine has all the defaults set, two SMEMA connected univ

Board Handling Error: Waiting for output board transfer to complete, on GSM1 4681A UIC

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 29 17:41:35 EDT 2016 | ddina

I appreciate your response. I kind of read about it, and made sure nothing sensor-wise is activated by mistake on the process of zeroing. Right now the machine is in this set up, and the rear rail is all the way to the back stop. So the sensor on the

QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED)

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 12 09:42:49 EDT 2006 | mmjm_1099

Hello all, I am having an issue with my QP341 when it reads fiducials. It will be running fine than it will freeze when it goes to read a fid. When I reset the QP and it seems to work fine for a little bit than it will repeat itself and freeze up aga

Re: 2-sided Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 12 13:06:41 EDT 2000 | Brian W.

I have done both. If you have a line that runs both sides in none pass, running the adhesive side first allows you to have one less machine or station for board flipping. If you have to move the board from one line to another, or back to the front

Re: DI water

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 30 19:58:25 EST 1999 | Scott McKee

| We've been using a newly installed DI re-circulating system. | It's been a big headache. Mostly understanding what causes our resistivity to be unpredictable. I think I've got a handle on that part now. The system consists of a Carbon,HMR(chealet),

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 08:21:56 EST 2002 | jax

Armin, The obvious disadvantages for an in-line printer is initial cost and flexibility for smaller shops that depnd on high mix, low volume batch builds from their printer to support multiple projects at the same time. The advantage is quality a

Samsung CP40CV VME Issue

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 09:59:47 EDT 2012 | bradlanger

Sounds like you have tried everything I can think of as far as hardware is concerned. One thing that sounds suspicious to me if the error "Failed to create empty document". I have only seen that error when my MMI software got corrupted in the process

GSM Calibration Error code 6

Electronics Forum | Sat Sep 22 01:30:31 EDT 2007 | mika

I am sorry my friend, but I can't recall that specific error number. But it would help if you explain a little bit more about your problem. Remember that an error code Do Not necessary points to a direct root-cause of a problem. First of all we nee

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