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BOM Comparison

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 18:14:17 EDT 2006 | ratsalad

Check out RSI's BOM Explorer. http://www.rsi-inc.com/articles/brochures/bom_explorer.pdf I can't remember if it does BOM to BOM comparison, though. I wrote my own BOM 2 BOM comparison tool for my company. If your BOMs are in a consistent form

BOM Merging

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 14 12:45:13 EDT 2004 | heatherc

AEGIS sells a software product specifically for this called CircuitCAM. We also can handle comparisons of BOM to CAD, BOM to BOM revisions and handle an array of formats and file types. For more information you can go to http://www.aiscorp.com or c

BOM Comparison

Electronics Forum | Thu May 11 08:10:49 EDT 2006 | davef

While we have no experience with them, a Google of 'BOM conversion' gives several Access based programs.

BOM Compare Simulation

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 24 11:42:06 EST 2009 | sys_steven

Hey Everyone: Does anyone have a simple tool for BOM Comparisions, Such as excel.....Thanks

Software Solution for combining PNP and BOM data?

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 19:10:29 EDT 2011 | tluong

I recommendation use CAM cad and BOM explorer are the best...

freeware to merge BOM and XY files

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 06 19:22:50 EST 2019 | giangle711

Need help to locate freeware to be able to merge BOM and XY files in CSV/TXT.

Pick Place Program to BOM verification software

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 29 09:34:14 EST 1998 | R Hamilton

Does anyone know of any software programs that will verify a Pick & Place program to the Bill of Materials (BOM)? Verify meaning the Part # and Ref. Des. matching of the two files. We use GCPlace to merge our BOM with X/Y file but ocasionally Ref

BOM Comparison

Electronics Forum | Fri May 12 01:55:29 EDT 2006 | AR

If you are not talking about a large number of BOMs, the cheapest way would probably be to do a CSV export of the BOMs and write an Excel macro in VBA to do the actual comparison.

BOM Expander

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 13:52:01 EST 2018 | heatherc

FactoryLogix from Aegis has this ability. It will also then compare the BOM to CAD in seconds. Some examples of the checks it will do - references missing on either (confirms non-pops), qty on BOM that mis-matches the number of references listed, e

Drawing / BOM Revisions

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 02 13:56:32 EDT 2019 | slthomas

It's not that uncommon. I've seen AS9100 certified companies use different revisions for the BOM, assembly drawing, and the product itself. In this case the product revision may be affected by either a BOM or a drawing revision, while the other r

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