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Burn-In Process

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 03 04:50:05 EDT 2010 | jacki

Dear all is there anyone knew about burn-in process and what type of solder must be used for burn-in-board? And, what the maximum temp during burn-in process? Thanks in advance.

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 07:37:07 EST 2008 | snaggletooth

PCBA Burn-in testing: We need to test some products from -40c - +71c and need some testing equipment for it. We have some burn-in equipments but not at the this temperature range and not at the 7c per minute change rate that is needed. Anyone have so

WS flux vs test socket cleaners? --- Similar BUT Different

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 16 08:44:42 EDT 2015 | davef

The environment of a burn-in chamber is specific. That environment has a fairly well defined affect on the metal contacts of a burn-in socket. Test socket cleaners are tailored for those specific requirements. Look at the MSDS for the WS flux and th


Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 06 02:57:37 EDT 2001 | kyaw

I have a problem run in Burn-in-Board that the sockets lead are deform and lifted about 6 mil to 10 mil from PCBA. Anybody can inform to me for this problem. Thank you

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 01 14:40:54 EST 2008 | snaggletooth

DC powered Power-up and ageing burn-in equipment, preferably non-product specific, starting from room temperature down to -41 degrees celcius and up to +71 celcius at a rate of 7 celcius per minute. But anyone who could suggest a manufacturer would b

White powdery residue following Wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 02 15:52:19 EST 2001 | jagman

This happens to be after the water wash process. These are Burn-In boards so an SMT epoxy is used prior to wave. The flux used is Kester 2331ZX. Would using a thinner cause this to occur? The residue is all over the board. Thanks.

BGA pad size

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 21 11:46:04 EDT 2005 | kenscj

Hi dave, Thanks for the comment. I have another issue. The board already pass Test and Burn-In processes, but after 2 months the BGA contact is found open (no contact on certain balls). How can that happen? Is it during build, the solder ball alrea

Printed Circuit Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 02 14:59:29 EDT 2006 | jbecircuits

Ooops sorry! Has anyone ever had a problem with using FR4 for a burn-in board? We suggested using Nelco or getek, but will FR4 have any problems in the assembly area through the solder wave?

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 03 08:51:47 EST 2008 | mrmaint

Try looking at Chart Industries. They offer HASS/HALT chambers that are capable of reaching the paramaters that you are looking for. Will require a nitrogen supply for the cooling end.We had a 3000gal tank of liquid nitrogen to feed two chambers.

PCBA Burn-in / ageing equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 04 11:29:24 EST 2008 | pbarton

We use Sharetree equipment for this task. Good for up to around 30 deg. c per minute ramps if required with liquid Nitrogen cooling.

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