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Where's The Drill?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 16 14:10:01 EST 2001 | mparker

I have oftened wondered how this industry lets its workers get away from being responsible. The best way I know of is to have them buy their own tools. Just take a look at the trades - carpenters, plumbers, welders, sheet metal men, body repair, mech

Flux residue effects on circuit performance?

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 28 07:34:34 EDT 2002 | hany_khoga

Dear Tom : I hope I �m not too late. We produce PC motherboards with some buses exceeding the speed of 100MHz . we use no clean flux and it is OK even with the residues you can see under a microscope. But according to our own experience through a mo

APEX Venue!!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 18:29:10 EST 2007 | Marc

Hello I atteneded the show as a supplier. Been to many over the years. All in all it was not too bad. The show layout was a bit differnt and not in exact grids as in past that made walking the show a bit interesting. They had buses running fro

Faulty CPU Board - Can it be Repaired

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 12 08:13:12 EDT 2011 | rway

The only thing I see that might be a fuse is the green vertical axial leaded component next to the third from the bottom white 4-pin header. It's labeled ?718 or 710. I don't know if this is a resistor or a pico fuse. You can try to ohm it out. An


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