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Quad IVc pickup problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 07:37:59 EDT 2011 | leemeyer

Have you performed the camera to nozzle calibration ? I can send you instructions for this if you need them.

Quad IVc pickup problem

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 26 10:14:06 EDT 2011 | leemeyer

The camera to nozzle offset calibration requires that you modify some of the mod codes once the offsets are calculated. This is not part of the VU3 calibration. Send me your email address so that i can attach a copy of the manual for you.

Quad IVc pickup problem

Electronics Forum | Mon May 09 16:32:05 EDT 2011 | veeckm

I got the camera nozzle offset corrected but after the machine runs for a while the offset will drift and its out the specs I set it to. Any help is appreciated.

CR Technology RTI-6520

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 06 09:42:57 EDT 2011 | vetteboy86

I've put a call in for some tech support. I haven't had much succes dealing with them in the past. If anyone is running this machine, any knowlege on my problem is much appreciated. Currently camera 3 (highest magnification) will not find fiducials

Wide or Narrow view?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 11:31:40 EST 2011 | comando

Hello every one! How I know if camera 1 and 2 are Narrow or Wide view in a Fuji IP3?

Samsung CP40LV vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 24 08:01:32 EST 2012 | wolverine

When using the rectangular plate given with the machine that is used with calibrating the movable camera, does the longer side of the plate get fed into the machine ( rails set to 80mm ) or the shorter side ( rails set to 74mm ) Thanks Dave

Samsung CP40LV vision calibration

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 29 12:55:38 EST 2012 | tech_fun

i don't thing that it is a rule. the only ideea is to mov the camera exactly above the hole in the middle.

SMT Stencil Printer Recommendations

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 04 02:39:27 EST 2012 | eadthem

I don't have our DEK printer part numbers memorized, In general we have a older machine running NT4.0 . It has 2Di inspection but we never use it because you can only inspect/setup 1 camera shot at once, making for very long programming. Our newer D

Topaz X Head Optimization

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 25 15:17:38 EDT 2012 | duchoang

I used Topaz x and X2 long time ago. I might be wrong, but let's check the thickness of components and the camera light recognizing setup for each part. (?). They may be too different to be optimized for simultaneously pick-up and place.

Mirtec AOI - bad OCR result

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 23 22:27:14 EDT 2012 | padawanlinuxero

I have a MV-2HTL and we don't have problems with it. Have you try to contact Mirtec ? probably is a problem with the camera.

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