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Dip Fluxing Cavity Depth

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 24 12:11:00 EST 2011 | fdr4prez

Has there been any studies on the effect of the depth of the fluxing cavity for dipping PoP components? I've heard that the cavity should be 50% of the ball diameter and I also heard that the cavity should be 2/3 of the ball height (which may or may

0603 tape cavity size

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 25 00:15:15 EDT 2000 | Wilson

Hi all, Does anybody meet large size of tape cavity in 0603 components? It is a serious problem in some vendors that their tape tolerance is very large. It lead to our fallout rate abnormal high. What is standard tape cavity size? Why the componen


Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 06:10:33 EDT 2010 | cyber_wolf

Of course the best way is to get a dimensioned tray drawing if possible. The next best way is measure point to point over as many cavities as you can open your calipers up to. Divide the measurement by the number of pockets you spanned. This reduces

Not picking from MTU

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 09 08:50:08 EST 1998 | Larry Johnson

Here is a good one for ya. Our IP3's MTU will not pick QFP240's out of cavities, 10, 12, 13, 15. This is a 3X8 tray. The listed cavities are also the closed cavities that are used for tray eject. There is plenty of vaccum, the nozzle comes down f

Dip Fluxing Cavity Depth

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 26 10:43:32 EST 2011 | grahamcooper22

From our experience with our gel fluxes the depth of the flux cavity can be 30% ~ 70% of the ball diameter. You'll probably need to do some tests to find the optimum for your process. If you have really fast movement on pick and placement machine the

X-Out Board

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 02:44:03 EST 2012 | fadzril

Dear all, Have anyone deal with X-Out boards? These defects are declared if one cavity or more from multi cavity boards are defective. There have been a request to use these boards in order to reduce the multi cavity board spoilage at supplier. Ho

Dispensing Molten Solder

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 04 06:14:05 EST 2009 | sachu_70

The trick would be to externally pre-heat your Metal cavity to attain sufficient temperature and then to flow in solder. This would ensure proper solder distribution inside the cavity.

Re: Not picking from MTU

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 11 09:00:04 EST 1998 | To Steve Herring

Steve, The PD isn't the problem. The QFP240's place fine. It is just that dont pick from cavities 10, 12, 13, and 15. When the sub-robot picks from the other cavities, they place fine. The robot comes down over the above listed cavities, but does

Re: Pick and place from bulk case

Electronics Forum | Tue May 02 21:01:21 EDT 2000 | Stefan Witte

I forgot to mention the mass placement machine from Nitto. The Nitto machine places all components out of bulkfeeders. Plastic tubes are routed above the feeders pick position and into cavities of a template. The template is made for the pattern of t

Dispensing Molten Solder

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 20 11:51:15 EST 2009 | markhoch

Okay, I've done extensive Google and SMTnet Archive searches, and I've turned up nothing but Patent Ideas. We've got a new application with which I'd like to fill a cavity containing a wire with molten solder. The cavity is housed within a large Mil

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