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SMT Operators needed in East Bay

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 24 09:19:47 EDT 2004 | Rob

Where is East Bay? I work in the south central US region.

wave solder machine

Electronics Forum | Tue May 17 10:34:11 EDT 2005 | Fred N.

located in central Montana

Autoprogram 5.31 Manual for Quad IIc

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 08 14:36:55 EDT 2008 | sambolian

I programmed it by hand and my version of central controller is v7.54.

Quad Central Controller won't allow local fiducials

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 14 11:10:19 EST 2010 | bobpan

Nice, Now that rings a bell!


Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 17 00:18:07 EDT 2017 | teslalab2

The password is QUAD not quad. Not very many DOS programs are case sensitive, CC is an exception....

Quad Central Controller won't allow local fiducials

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 22:59:53 EST 2010 | goolash

The Central Controller software on our Quad IVc machine is refusing to allow me to add local fiducials. Essentially, I follow the manual's directions, and when I press 'N' for New, it asks me to enter the placement number. No matter what number I e

Quad IVc

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 22 10:33:11 EDT 2010 | bobpan

I dont recall autoprogram having a password. If its central controller you need to get into....try QUAD (in caps). There is a way to delete the password file but its hidden in the root directory (for central controller). The file is called QSPASSWD.S

Quad IVc pickup problem

Electronics Forum | Tue May 10 07:57:49 EDT 2011 | mosborne1

Are you uploading the mod codes to your central controller when you change them? If not when you run your produciton the central controller will download the mod codes that are stored in the CC. You might also have an encoder problem. When the machin

Quad IVc Central Controller Frozen

Electronics Forum | Sat Jan 19 22:42:16 EST 2013 | ngineer

Ok, I managed to figure it out, and this is simply for anyyone having this issue. The issue was that the selected board or board folder did not reside in the selected board directory. the answer was to hold LSHIFT at startup to skip the autoexec of

Quad IVc AutoProgram

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 18 05:23:38 EDT 2013 | bobpan

To use 2 heads in autoprogram.....each one should be defined in the assembler system. You have to use the option to breakup programs for seperate central controllers if indeed they both have their own computer. The most important thing is each assemb

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