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Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Sun Mar 20 19:26:02 EST 2005 | devilhitam

Thanks pmd for input. The main concern here, was there any standard document regarding this coplanarity check were implemented?

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 18 03:53:16 EST 2005 | devilhitam

hi guys, I need a help here. Does anyone know what is the standard for coplanarity check for fine pitch IC that well practiced? I am using SIEMENS F5 for fine pitch IC placement.SIEMENS F5 do have the capability for coplanarity check. My customer re

Strain check

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 00:57:01 EST 2004 | Chua

Hi, I have a strain check equipment, but the unit in "�e". Can someone help me how to convert the strain unit in "�e" to "Kg". By the way, what do this unit "�e" mean. Thanks.

Strain check

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 01 07:09:04 EST 2004 | davef

Look here: http://www.me.psu.edu/me82/Learning/Strain/strain.html

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 22:02:48 EST 2005 | pmd


Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 18 14:32:43 EST 2005 | pmd

Im not fimiluar with SIEMENS F5 but I believe that lead length devations translate to coplnary devations. As a lead gets bent inward or outward the coplnary changes. I dont know what the ratio is but you may be able to set tolorances for lead length

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 02 11:42:28 EST 2003 | ricardof

Hi, we are using coplanarity chek systems on FUJI IP. I understand on a rough standpoint that basically this system is a GO - NO GO filter.But I would like to know if there are any options to have other results (Analytical results) with that option o

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 03 11:36:54 EST 2003 | stefwitt

I don't know too much about Fuji, but I'll try myself anyhow. How is the coplanarity unit communicating with the machine controller? Attach a logic analyser, second listener or data analyser and "listen" to the communication with the machine contro

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 04 16:56:50 EST 2003 | RicardoF

Thankyou Stefan, somehow the Laser sensor and controller are addresed to the IP, but it seems the results are simple as an OK or some codes when the part is out of specs, those codes appears on the monitor in the machine just for a while, likely the

Coplanarity check

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 22:02:32 EST 2005 | dlkearns1

I'd say you already have some documentation, from the customer requirements, eh? I'd also say that regarless of any "standard", if your customer wants xxmils, give it to them, unless of course you'll have to go "above and beyond" what you think is re

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