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SMT manufacturers

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 20 10:03:09 EDT 2018 | tfannon

I'm seeking an SMT contractor in China who have equipment that can populate up to 1200mm long PCBs. Anybody know of any?

Competing in the global economy

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 05:48:17 EDT 2007 | Rob

Rick, That's surely a risk worth taking! On a more serious note, China has a population approximately 5 times that of the USA, and it is still in the growth phase of it's industrial revolution so naturally they will need a higher proportion of engi

Competing in the global economy

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 19 02:51:33 EDT 2007 | fastek

A few more facts: 1) China has between 100-160 cities with populations of over 1 million. America has 9 and all of Europe has 36. 2) China will produce 325,000 engineers this year....5 times as many as the United States. 40% of all American student

Entry-Level PnP + BGA?

Electronics Forum | Sun Jul 28 16:11:40 EDT 2013 | jfs

Greetings! I run a small CM company in the > Midwest. We built our business on THT production > for the boutique music products industry and are > currently planning our launch of a > low-volume/high-mix SMT line to support the > growth of our

Lumpy joints

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 14 13:58:07 EST 2001 | slthomas

This is one I haven't seen before (not in this context, anyway). We have an assembly that we have the SMT done out of house on, because of the high volumes. The boards have two distinct characteristics with respect to the appearance of the solder jo

Your opinion about RoHS and WEEE ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 12 06:04:58 EST 2005 | rlackey

Hi Patrick, I see what you're all are saying, and can understand how you come to that conclusion, however I would disagree with the protectionism arguement. Most of the electronics assemblies in Europe come in from China, Taiwan, Malaysia etc, (T

What is bebind the global chip crisis?

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 30 13:26:10 EDT 2021 | amaliahx

The pandemic has altered people's habits, causing a surge in demand for home electronic devices. This has swept the global chip supply and disrupted automobile manufacturing. The pandemic has led to the global shortage of semiconductors or chips, and


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