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What flux are you using for spray/ dropjet (Selective Solder)

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 02:46:15 EST 2019 | collum

We use the flux Cobar 94-SEL with excellent results. It is a special flux for selective soldering process. When the temperature of the board with flux (preheating or during soldering) reach more 130°C, the rests of flux are deactivated (no more dange

Collumn Grid Array

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 18 20:06:27 EDT 1999 | Phuc Nguyen

I am researching a process call Collumn Grid Array for the BGA. Please email me if you have some knowledge about this process. The problem is ceramic BGA has different thermal coefficient with PCB (FR-4) material, and in extreme temperature (-40 C-

Re: BGA open

Electronics Forum | Sun Sep 05 12:59:48 EDT 1999 | Dean

| Could someone shares their experience on the causes of 'Open' in the BGA after reflow. | | Single sided BGA assy? Or double sided BGA assy (BGA's on both sides)? I have processed double sided (MIrror assy.) bga assemblies and can tell you it is


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