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SMD weights

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 16:20:48 EST 2005 | jsloot

Does anyone have a list of SMT components with their weights? For instance, a PLCC64 pin = X grams. I am not even sure if such information is really valid but it would be interesting to know when developing a reflow profile for convection ovens on a

Re: Misplaced QFP240 component

Electronics Forum | Wed May 17 12:22:54 EDT 2000 | JAX

Ramot, Without further explanation everyone here is just taking stabs at it..... Sounds normal, I'm game! Have you looked at board finish(HASL?)?? Measured paste height?? Are they always off in the same direction? If not, Handling?? What are the sp

about Yamaha YS12F component dimension

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 13 06:11:00 EST 2020 | makersan

Does anyone know the max component dimensions and weight that yamaha ys12f can place ?

Wave Soldering for TO39 component

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 08 09:08:32 EDT 2004 | russ

I've never had one "float" in the wave. Have you tried waving yet to see? Anyway, glue would work, or you could place a a small weight on top, or clinch a couple of leads. Russ

Tool to measure SMT component reel quantity

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 06 18:01:01 EST 2003 | dougt

This is getting deep but here's my input: Here's an idea....... Get a full reel and weigh it on a parts scale down in the stock room. Next weigh an empty reel. Subtract empty from full, and devide this value by the quantity of the full reel. This

Tape covers on component reels sticking on samsung feeders

Electronics Forum | Sun Jun 23 02:16:47 EDT 2019 | emanuel

Some manufacturers put very strong glue, the wider the part is so increases the glue strength. May sound funny but the only thing that worked was attaching a fishing weight to the tape, need to play a little until you find the correct size. The only

Component weight formula

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 13:45:45 EST 2001 | gcs

sorry, equal to or less than.

Double Reflow (Weight/Surface Area) Ratio Rule

Electronics Forum | Sat Mar 21 12:19:51 EST 1998 | David Pick

I have read somewhere of a ratio of component weight vs. surace contact area rule for double reflow soldering. This ratio is the maximum weight vs. surface tension to hold a component on during the second reflow. With this number, a person could weig

Remove,Re-ball then Re-use BGA safely !!!

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 01 21:03:15 EDT 2002 | ianchan

Dason: Hi mate, Could you help clarify this abit? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ we found component weight will reduce more than 50% of the moisture weight after place in the cabinet with 55C and less than 5 % for 48 hours ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Component weight formula

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 28 10:56:56 EST 2001 | jseagle

Does anyone know the formula for calculating the grams per sq cm of lead for mounting bottomside unglued components? Thanks James

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