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Void control

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 15 08:24:24 EDT 2012 | scottp

You could pay the extra to have the microvias plated shut and planarized. If your voids are larger than 25% of the BGA joint area then I would suspect a solderability problem. Either the board plating or a solder paste problem. If they're less tha

Quality control in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 01 11:53:04 EDT 2011 | emeto

Hi Reese, unfortunetely our AOI isnot in line and yes we check first article for each board on the AOI.One of each five boards 1/5 we give to inspector to check and we X-ray if needed.

Quality control in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 23 12:58:16 EDT 2011 | emeto

Hello everyone, we are contract manufacturer and I am wondering if we can save some time from inspection and verification. We will usually inspect the bare boards, then, verify program to BOM, then feeders to BOM and Feeders to program,then paste ins

Quality control in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 02 11:26:50 EDT 2011 | steffenr

Overkill for sure! Program to BOM: Shouldn't have to verify the program to the BOM once it's been verified unless there is a change. Feeder to BOM" There should be some type of instruction that specifies that part goes on what feeder and where the

Profile control parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 22 14:53:50 EST 2003 | MA/NY DDave

Hi I thought I would come back to this one for a second. Joe Fox above gave a nice concise note as to why you must raise the temp high enough above the soldering melting temp (liquidus) yet not too high. You want to go high enough for paste so tha

Profile control parameters

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 21 11:11:07 EST 2003 | slthomas

OK, so the issue is with the variability of the alloys on the soldering surfaces and the subsequent variability of reflow temps. Sounds reasonable (actually obvious, now that I think about it), especially on the component side. We only use HASL fin

solder paste control

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 14 16:10:38 EDT 2012 | cobham1

We need to develop a method of putting solder paste on a stencil then putting the unused part back into the refrig. Reason we are thinking of this method is because we only run circuit boards twice a week. I dont want to waste entire jar of paste bec

Profile control parameters

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 20 17:42:45 EST 2003 | jonfox

Double check the data sheets for your paste. Just as an example, ou Indium paste has a recommendation for the Heating, Liquidus, and Cooling stagees of reflow. They recommend a linear ramp up of 0.5 to 1.0 degree C. In the Liquidus stage, a peak t

Quality control in manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 31 08:27:45 EDT 2011 | rway

AOI if needed? I take it your AOI/AXI is not inline. Too bad. Our AOI is the first line of defense against induced errors in the mfg process. It's invaluable. How do you know it's not needed, or that it won't be needed in the future? Do you hav

Inventory control and maintenance

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 14:47:19 EST 2015 | superlen

unique mnf/mnf part number. - Be meticulous on maintaining your WO Boms. Train your employees to not circumnavigate keeping the WOBOM accurate to what they kitted/placed on the board. If you keep the one to one part number relationship above this is

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