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Soldering the Kingston BGA eMMC32G-W525

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 03:07:20 EDT 2018 | robl

Doesn't look like it would be deliberately high temp for it's functionality or package type, unless it was accidental on a batch at the packaging plant. To get the datasheet you have to either go through the "request Info" on https://www.kingston.co

Panasonic MV2C pick and place.

Electronics Forum | Thu May 21 20:10:28 EDT 2020 | gabriel1blue

I was able to access the secret screen! But now it keeps giving me that counter overflow error when I try to do origin. That wasn't happening before when it was all in Japanese so I think it may have something to do with the machine system data we re

CP4 of death

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 13 10:05:47 EDT 2006 | daxman

Okay fellas...I posted awhile back regarding CP4 and CP6 placement issues. I think we may have figured it out. XO/YO and mark read positions were not correct. However, we have a new problem with the CP4-2. I was running the Fuji board, placing a s

SMT RF shield Dewetting & Misalignment

Electronics Forum | Sat Jun 04 12:11:49 EDT 2011 | davef

Q1) How to identify on good or bad RF shield that could contribute to dewetting? A1) We use Alloy 770 and 752 [German silver] for our RF shields. We have never seen a solderability issue, even aged stock solders well. * Nickel Alloy 752, Nickel Silv

Tape/Reel Counter

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 19 14:24:26 EDT 2010 | davef

See, the bean counters are taking over. They've got you out there counting flyshit. Chip parts aren't worth the time it takes to count them, even with a counterometer. Watch out!!! Next thing they'll have you doing is sweeping-up misplaces, figurin

Re: Curing of Glue for SMT Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 15 22:06:15 EDT 2000 | Dreamsniper

Hi Raeto, 1. You do not have reflow oven. This means that you are not running Surface Mount Technology in your shop floor...am I correct? Why do you plan to have SMD's under your PCB's ? Can't you replace them with their PTH counter part and have th

Wave Solder Machine Fingers

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 30 17:46:15 EST 2002 | davef

Hey, you can only carry that �No savings no bonus!!!� thing so far. * There is negative saving when the machine isn�t running. * I know I have to trim my finger nails, but that doesn�t mean I wait until I hurt myself scratching my nose or on the othe

Payback time

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 19 19:33:44 EST 2002 | davef

Since yer talkin� $$$$, non-quantitative measure do not apply. I understand someone told you to do payback. But, we don�t use payback for multiyear projects. Regardless, the analysis is similar. For each machine, set-up a multiyear spreadsheet li

pasteprinting D.O.E.

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 05 17:14:40 EDT 2002 | davef

First, I suggest that people search the SMTnet Archives in just about every response that I make. Second, you need to work on your DOE jargon * Factors. Independent or input variables * Effects. Results. Dependent or output variables. Third, the

Solder Paste and fine pitch components

Electronics Forum | Tue Sep 17 15:47:42 EDT 2002 | stepheno

Where I worked previously we had some boards with a couple 15 mil pitch parts. The first batch we got all had undersized pads. We had lots of bridging. We had less bridging with bigger pads. The ball size in the paste makes a bigger diffence regar

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