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Samsung cp40 pickup tolerance

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 16 01:42:15 EDT 2019 | ledze91

Hello. Got problems with big elements like connectors. Pickup tolerance dont work on cp40/Lv. Here got two machines cp40/lv and one cp40/cv. On cv dont have problems with pickup, but on Lv nozzle hit the pins of connectors or wont pick up

Samsung cp40 error code: 8311

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 09 13:41:43 EDT 2021 | fernsure

Tried suggested solution in manual to no avail. Reseated every connector we could get to. Has anyone run into this error, and found a solution? This error does not allow me to ignore this head and use the other two. Thanks Fern

samsung cp40 help for problem with fiducial camera and fixing camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 27 09:04:54 EDT 2015 | fcmtechnician

HI are the LED from Ilumination on?

samsung cp40 help for problem with fiducial camera and fixing camera

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 30 07:25:09 EDT 2015 | buckcho

Hello, I haven't worked with such machine, but do you have a led lighting, like in cp45, which is newer? Maybe there is something wrong with it and it is not lighting up?

samsung cp40 help for problem with fiducial camera and fixing camera

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 29 10:27:01 EDT 2015 | risorse_new

Goodmornin I have a problem with the fixing and move cameras, i don't see the image of the cameras on the screen. On the monitor i see the cross and letter, but i can no see on the black box the camera images. I know the problem is on the ADDA Board.

Samsung CP40CV

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 27 21:46:45 EST 2014 | georgevargas

anyone on east coast with experience in servicing Samsung CP40CV

samsung CP40CV installation software,

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 13 05:37:31 EST 2015 | luca2006

Hi could anyone helps me with advanced password for cp40cv

Samsung CP40V - fiducial correction

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 25 18:59:49 EST 2017 | superlen

When the fiducial fails, the machine stops with the crosshairs near the fid that couldn't be read. On the CP45 you just jog to the center and tell it use the position you just navigated to. (the manual correction). I believe the cp40 is the same...

SAMSUNG nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed May 25 17:42:44 EDT 2005 | jsloot

They are a CP40 and CP50. The CP40 is fairly new and the 50 is fairly new but we bought it as a used piece. It is in good condition. As far as I can say everything seems set up correctly. By the sounds of your reply I should dig into this more deeply

SAMSUNG CP40 --- FlipChip

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 27 07:27:01 EDT 1999 | Stefan

Does anyone know if the CP40/CV or any other pick and place machine from Samsung can place flipchip ? I also would like to know what SAMSUNG users think of the equipment that SAMSUNG have to offer. Thanks in advance //Stefan

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