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QP 242 yellow vinyl decal back light for nozzles

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 02 23:38:47 EDT 2017 | tlake1974

Dose anyone know where to purchase the yellow vinyl decal material by the roll uncut used on the FUJI QP 242 back disk? Any info would be appreciated.

QP 242 yellow vinyl decal back light for nozzles

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 03 10:54:04 EDT 2017 | cyber_wolf

Call SMT Research and ask them. https://www.smtresearch.com/

Skewed transistors

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 18 18:11:38 EDT 2003 | slthomas

"glue the floater in place with chip bonder before reflow" gets my vote. We have decals for DPAKs and TO-252's that don't match either specification, and chip bonder is the only answer if they won't spin the board for you.

Reflective coating on PCB

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 20 16:40:32 EST 2002 | csimfgeng

Sign makers utilize a material called "Scotch-Cal" and "Scotch-Brite" in making decals used in outdoor environments. Material similar to this comes in metallic silver and gold. Pieces of this can be economically die-cut and affixed to your PC Board

Wave soldering of SMT components

Electronics Forum | Wed May 28 05:31:17 EDT 2003 | dougie

Hi, Can someone please give me an IPC standard number or similar for decal design when wave soldering SMT components on the underside of a board. Hopefully a document exists detailing design rules, the components ideal attitude to the wave, suitabil

This is a new one

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 14:37:10 EDT 2006 | slthomas

Thanks for the replies, fellas. Pretty much what I'd thought too, but you know, when it just doesn' LOOK right.... "the .010" spacing is a violation of IPC 782" Not my problem. ;) You should see the decal they're using for the Xilinx PQFP 208. No

DPAK land pattern

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 22 10:55:11 EST 2002 | slthomas

Dave, you are THE master of the search. I made the lame assumption that if they'd had layout specs. for a part, it would be part of the spec. Bad assumption. The layout for the decal from that page you linked to is exactly what I needed. I look

Where can I get Quad AVX-500 spare parts

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 06 15:32:54 EDT 2004 | pjc

Try these guys too: http://www.sigmaprint.co.uk/ Regardless, the parts are most likely stocked only in the U.K. Your machine was orginally manufactured in the U.K. by a British company called SMTech. SMTech was purchased by Quad and then sold to Sp

Rigid Flex Wave Soldering

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 04 19:10:20 EDT 2007 | rgduval

Pete, Top-side temp might be an issue. What's the easiest way to check it? I seem to recall some thermal decals that we used to use a couple of jobs ago. I spoke with the flex manufacturer, and they recommended 4 hours at 250 degrees pre-process


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