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Degolding Pretinning

Electronics Forum | Sun May 02 06:15:58 EDT 2010 | stephan

I look for specification for degolding - pretinning for SMT and through hole parts (in the military sector) . I found IPC JSTD 001 and some ECSS ...08 but without visual real criterias on the product. Thanks for your inputs .

Degolding Pretinning

Electronics Forum | Wed May 05 08:50:37 EDT 2010 | flipit

You will want to look at the Mil Specs. I believe they are all available online in pdf format at no cost. I am not certain what the latest spec is but Mil-Std-2000 absolutely has a section on this.

Degolding Pretinning

Electronics Forum | Sun May 02 11:44:03 EDT 2010 | davef

J-STD-001 is your base requirement, but MIL and SPACE have stringent requirements for soldering gold plated terminals, e.g. this typical one: http://xweb.nrl.navy.mil/glast/CALDesign/CDE/CAL%20DPD%20Wire%20Cable%20Soldering%20and%20Staking%20Spec%20

Replating a Gold Connector

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 15 16:16:42 EST 2008 | davef

J-STD-001 requires that solderable surfaces of components and connectors be degolded prior to soldering. As proven methods for removal of the gold plating and replacing it with tin/lead, MIL-STD-2000 and J-STD-001 endorse[d] either: * Double dip (two


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