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Electronics Forum | Fri May 15 19:20:47 EDT 2009 | jlawson

if you have a budget for new machine, laser depanelising is pretty good for flex PCB as no physical stress on PCB like mechanical routing, thus fixturing is easier and less prone to moving the flex while cutting. Laser systens can also cut FR4 standa

depanelizing router

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 05 10:36:46 EST 2012 | davef

Singulation is much faster and cleaner than routing Here's a link to a fairly recent article on gang sawing CSP http://www.electroiq.com/articles/ap/print/volume-9/issue-10/features/step-by-step/step-11-the-back-end-process-singulation-step-by-step.

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) failure root cause analysis

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 22 12:48:47 EDT 2012 | tpatrickwalsh

They are using the method where scored boards are separated using a rotating wheel / blade. I realize this is not the best process, however these capacitors are more than 10 mm from the edge of the board. From some reading online I think that means

Depanelling scoring groove PCBs

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 08 22:55:01 EDT 2014 | padawanlinuxero

Hola Beto Here we use this one CAB MAESTRO 3E it's ok does the job well and both blades can take a beating before need to change them. http://www.cab.de/en/electronics/pcb-separators/maestro-3e/ Saludos Beto

Mechanical Delamination at de-panel

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 06 17:47:14 EDT 2014 | hegemon

SWAG has it. Carriers for SMT are a great idea, especially to mitigate sag, and allow some savings in setup. Fixturing setup advantage: You could fixture everything to a fixed width, and eliminate rail setups throughout your lines. Trade off the f

Mechanical Delamination at de-panel

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 12:35:52 EDT 2014 | clydestrum

I didn't even think of running a blade down those scores. I will give it a shot and see. The laminate they're using is Nanya NP-140, if anyone has ever used it or has any info regarding it's issues around something like this. We can see resin weave

Depanel thin board

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 02 09:32:24 EDT 2015 | tnisbet

Have to tried an automated system such as a > Router or Press? > > _a class=roll > href="mailto:tom@goppm.com"_tom@goppm.com_/a_ Tom > Nisbet .012 Is too thin for our Press & Die. How are you fixturing the panel on your router ? Do you have a d

PCB Laser Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 03 09:25:59 EDT 2017 | Rob

Use a router with fiducial correction? in reality if you are putting a PCB in a plastic enclosure then the injection moulding is going to have far greater tolerances than a laser or router depanelised PCB is. Also, if our laser markers are anything

PCB Laser Depaneling

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 31 02:02:17 EDT 2017 | hxamalia

Hello ALL Good day , it is Amalia from HX Circuit Technology Co.,Ltd in China, we are a prefessional PCB factory with many years. We are focusing on quick lead time for PCB with good service . please contact with me now ,thanks Email: amalia@hx-c

Has anyone done breakaway tabs with v-score on both sides instead of mouse-bites?

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 27 10:57:35 EDT 2017 | fkn

We make pcb depaneling equipment and many of our customers do a combination of tab routed panels with pre-score in order to speed up the singulation process. If you like, I can send you a picture of an example. Regards Klaus Heimann FKN Systek Tel.

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