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D-pak end joint wetting

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 19 11:19:52 EDT 2020 | davef

A-610G 7.5.16 Components with Bottom Thermal Plane Terminations (D-Pak) says: 100% wetting to land in the end-joint contact area. Is that what you're asking about? Regards, David Fish [davef] Technical Editor & Customer Advocate

D-pak end joint wetting

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 19 12:54:39 EDT 2020 | davef

A-620G doesn't require 100% wetting to the thermal pad. It requires 100% wetting to the land in the end-joint area. The end joint is the portion of the solder connection that is at the top [or bottom] of the connection. Look at 7.1.3 Solder Joint A

D-pak end joint wetting

Electronics Forum | Sun Apr 19 12:18:27 EDT 2020 | smith88


D-pak end joint wetting

Electronics Forum | Fri Apr 17 22:30:19 EDT 2020 | smith88

IPC calls out 100% wetting to land. I need to understand why this is needed and what functionality I will lose if I have joints at 80%

Universal Advantis - end user

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 14 12:22:35 EST 2005 | Dave Prosser

I just sold my 2 GSMs and purchase 2 new Advantis. The AC-30L is with the lightening head and a AX-72 which has a flex head and a flexjet. So I know the feeder situation very well and some of the advice you have received is not valid. Feel free to

"?" at the end of link

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 00:22:30 EDT 1998 | Pete Sorenson

I posted a response to a question relating to vibration testing, listed a link to my URL, and noted that the posted response had a "?" at the end of the URL. I went back, examined what I typed, and found that there was no "?" on the completed form t

Solder Balls on end of long pins

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 08 16:44:15 EDT 1999 | Rob Jankowski

I am wave soldering a single sided through hole PCB array with (6) .040" round diameter pins that sit .5" off the PCB, and .080" apart. The problem being experienced is that solderballs are appearing on the end of the pins. I have tried decreasing

Black residue at end of wave soldering

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 16 18:38:30 EST 2000 | cpgoh

Hi, I would appreciate some help here.. I am black residue with my wave soldering provess with my Electrovert machine sometimes, they are dotted all over the board ! I am also using no clean flux through an externel spry fluxer unit.. thanks Darren

Re: Black residue at end of wave soldering

Electronics Forum | D.J. |

Thu Apr 27 18:55:05 EDT 2000

MYDATA MY15E F-MOT-SETDYN Z/3: Upper end point outside limit

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 11 00:11:49 EDT 2018 | mk15

I am looking for some help for where to look to fix this MY15E problem. We started the machine after the weekend and this error code comes. F-MOT-MSETDYN z/3: Upper end point outside limit. Any suggestions? Thanks

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