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Cleaning Machine and Chemistry

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 19 11:25:07 EST 2001 | markt

I am currently cleaning solder paste and adhesive stencils and misprinted substrates manually by using IPA, chem wipes, Q-tips, etc. Can you recommend a machine and chemistry that will clean all these applications?


Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 09 11:42:37 EST 1999 | Dave F

Jeff: Try this: ROSA. John�s spot on. I�ll add that it is a fluxless method that reduces the oxides in an aqueous solution. Another source of information is: Trench, M., Hillman, D., Lucey, G., "Environmentally Friendly Closed Loop Soldering,"

seperation of soldermask and pcb

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 25 08:29:33 EDT 2014 | sara_pcb

Please refer the attached jpegs, The problem is noticed after reflow soldering followed by conventional through hole soldering. Flux used one is MIL Std. Brush cleaning in IPA is followed after each soldering step. regards, R.Saravanan

Leaded and Lead-Free Wave Parameters

Electronics Forum | Wed May 21 13:59:19 EDT 2008 | pjc

Here's what I've seen for no-clean flux applications: Leaded: Dwell Time is? 2 - 3 seconds Top side board temp max? If some small SMT parts reflow are we too hot? 110 to 120C top side board temp just before hitting the wave(s) Pot temp. 245C Lea

Electronic Assembly - PCB cleansing and COVID-19

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 12:57:06 EDT 2020 | emeto

IPA is 99% Alcohol, so i assume should be more than enough.

Electronic Assembly - PCB cleansing and COVID-19

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 30 11:02:37 EDT 2020 | SMTA-Eric

As we navigate through the CORVID-19 pandemic, many essential manufacturing facilities are still on line and operating. Some at reduced or modified schedules in following the guidelines to help reduce the spread of this virus. My question is in rega

Selective soldering pallets and solder balls

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 17:02:28 EST 2002 | Vince Whipple

Steve, I agree with the recommendation to check the temperature. This is the first place to go. Is this an IPA or water based Noclean? What is the topside temp of the assembly at the effected areas? If you are too cold you will have a tendency to hav

Re: Ionic testing and No-Clean flux

Electronics Forum | Sat Feb 05 09:08:18 EST 2000 | Dave F

Casimir: Let me expand on something that I said in my response to your thread on ionic testing. Generally, no-clean people don�t use ROSE testing as part of their process control, because the ROSE test is essentially washing your board in DI/IPA �

Wave Solder Balls, VOC-Free Flux, and Glossy Mask

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 18:41:16 EDT 2006 | C.K. Flip

With recent implementation of VOC-Free flux in our shop, we've experienced little solder fines/balls on the above combo of VOC-Free, Water Based, and glossy to semi-glossy mask finish on PCB's. The solder balls show up on close conductor spacings, ~

Batch cleaner not getting PCBs clean and dry

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 08 12:39:39 EST 2016 | deanm

We have a name brand aqueous batch cleaner that uses a chemical and DI water to clean ROL0 flux from our PCBs. It does ok most of the time for SMT boards and we want to include through hole assemblies as well which should be a better cleaning process

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