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BGA assemble

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 30 16:35:20 EST 2001 | cliff_bockard

ERSASCOPE Inspection System 3000 www.ersascope.com

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 13:06:09 EDT 2003 | derelict

I am pretty happy with my Ersascope, they have been a little slow with software updates and with software questions that i have had. But my main reason that this has paid for itself is dealing with our non-local contract manufacturers, we have used t

Low cost BGA inspection?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 11 09:12:54 EDT 2001 | saidklaw

We use the Ersascope and it seems very effective .You can even take the image and save it.

Ersascope Users?

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 18 17:36:51 EDT 1999 | Rich C.

Sounds to good to be thru! Has anyone been using this BGA inspection system? How do you like it?

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 01 21:15:26 EST 2005 | davef

Try: * Caltex [www.bgascope.com] "Hirox" scope * ERSA [www.ersa.de] Ersascope

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 16:58:11 EDT 2003 | blundell

We can speak from experience, the Ersascope needs only 1.5mm to see along side a device and is the only system that looks low enough, the cheaper systems may be fine for normal packages but forget it for csp's, micro BGA's Also its the only system th

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Tue Dec 06 15:04:50 EST 2005 | solderiron

Thats because Glenbrook Reps both. The Ersascope was the original and still is the best bang for the buck. How do you know if you have flux residue under the bga without seeing it. Show me an xray system that can see flux residue? Again, this is a PR

BGA inspection microscope

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 14 06:23:47 EST 2005 | tk380514

I almost forgot to ask You: what is the purpose of the BGA inspection microscope? Perhaps we tell You stories that You alraedy know about... the ersascope we have is there to look funny and prove to the customer that we can check if we want to

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 12 03:41:47 EDT 2003 | sanjeevc

Most of the tools that are available in the market eg.ERSAscope or something similar gives a fair idea about the outside rows only and in case the defect happens in the inner layers all these tools are useless.The best way is to use AXI but then its

BGA inspection scope - Visual

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 19 13:39:47 EDT 2003 | Steve

So how much clearance between components (in mm) does the Ersascope require? What if you have caps around (2-3mm from the BGA's edge) a BGA . . . is it necessary to remove them prior to inspection of the BGA?

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