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executive file universal DIP inserter

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 09 15:23:45 EDT 1998 | Claude Couture

I have trouble loading the executive file into a universal DIP inserter (model 6796 unimod). the start of the loading goes well, but stops at byte 5689. the "run" light stays off. Anybody who knows these machine will know what I'm talking about. I

6348A Executive file

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 07:34:26 EDT 2014 | charliedci

I am needing an executive file for Universal inserter, 6348A. Thanks.

Re: SM Line Solution

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 27 12:53:56 EDT 2000 | John Myers

Depending on the type of equipment, volume and mix, and location, I can recommend a number of individuals that have done the entire project. Although I am an executive recruiter, specializing in SMT operations executives, I would not charge for such

Universal Axial Model 6287A communication

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 05 11:12:13 EST 2018 | assuredtech

Without a known good Executive and a known good battery and a known good Comm cable, card swapping / exchange is probably not going to be helpful yet. I might have an Executive you can try, I'll try sending you an e-mail.

Re: Computer Integrated Manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 25 16:59:58 EST 1999 | Ranko Vujosevic

Check: www.optelco.com Optel is a manufacturing optimization and execution system for PCB assembly industry

Re: Welcome to New Forum

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 14 08:32:00 EDT 1999 | Chris May

Headings - Executive/Mangerial ???? Sorry to nit-pick, Regards, Chris

Quotation Software

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 20:21:40 EST 2001 | davef

Most quoting packages in manufacturing execution software stink. Contractors that I know use in-house developed spreadsheets.

Universal TH unused active steps

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 07 07:28:58 EDT 2011 | edmaya33

Try re-configuring the system first ( SYS command ) before reloading executive program.

Extended CA RoHS Restrictions Terminated

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 12 09:54:17 EST 2007 | lococost

Never though an American would know about our little country beeing without a gouvernement for half a year. In Belgium, this is how law making goes: 1. First think of a rediculous proposistion. 2. Make it a law and execute it 3. Find out that is red


Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 04 17:48:04 EST 2002 | sleech

Dave: We can added the local of Service Corp Of Retired Executives (SCORE) to the list. I was surprised at the array of assistance that is available. You can find the local chapter in the phonebook or as the SBA for a referral Stu

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