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dek horizon 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 17:11:23 EDT 2015 | loganting

2 fiducial alignment vs 3 fiducial alignment , any opinion ? When do we actually need the third fiducial for alignment ?

dek horizon 265

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 13 17:43:16 EDT 2015 | loganting

how helpful is it to use alignment weighting over fiducial offsets ?

dek horizon 265

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 06:50:04 EDT 2015 | buckcho

Hello, can you explain better what do you want to check? Alignment is done based on fiducial check and then you can do some offsets, based on the print. So I am not sure what do you want to say...

dek horizon 265

Electronics Forum | Fri May 29 14:19:14 EDT 2015 | dekhead

Offsets are there to for an alignment change over the entire board... alignment weighting is, essentially to account for imperfect match between stencil and board, and will allow you to concentrate best alignment to a given portion of the board (give

dek 265 LT screen printer unable to detect the plate

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 20 18:42:03 EST 2018 | sabeti

Hi There, Thanks for your reply. Yes, this is the sensor which is creating the problem currently. The sensor is faulty. Is there any way to bypass the sensor to get the machine running? Thanks

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 15 20:55:53 EST 2010 | hajassanyi

Hy there all! I have a problem trying to make the communication between a DEK 265 and a conveyor from ASYS. The problem itself is that I cannot find a description about the pins in the downline communication plug of the DEK. If anybody could help it

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Thu Nov 03 18:20:15 EST 2005 | JG

Dek 265 GS Problem: Machine abruptly turns off. It can be in the middle of a stroke or just sitting idle. After the machine turns off we have to let it sit for a few minutes (sometimes 20) in order for it to restart. Any suggestions? Thanks in adv

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 16 01:55:27 EST 2010 | 89jeong

Hi Sanyi. We have used a DEK265 for many years. Can i get more information about what problem you have now? Thanks Ju

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 13:46:33 EST 2004 | kauer

I'm back. By chance do You have another DEK You can swap cards with to help isolate the problem?

Dek 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 02 15:09:09 EST 2004 | jsk

I don't have another dek to swap cards with and i'll keep you informed on the problem. It's running fine now but I don't think it will make it through the day. Thanks for the help.

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