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Re: Apply glue with a stainless stell stencil

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 17 10:14:40 EST 2000 | Jim N

We bulid many boards with fine pitch on solder side and then wave. We use a wave fixture that is custom for each board. The fixture covers the SMT components and only exposes the PTH lead during the wave process. It requires about .070 to .100" clear

Angle of board on wave

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 21 11:15:28 EST 2005 | russ

Are you running any type of vibratory wave on the Vitronics as opposed to the electrovert? How about any turbulent wave differences if any? The only time I have ever flooded boards in fixtures is when the seal is broken or run an excess amount of v

Probe Mark during ICT

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 04 23:52:57 EDT 2012 | rway

Actually, if you experience lack of witness marks, you probably have a problem. Witness marks are OK and will not affect your assembly. I assume this is an SMT assembly we are talking about, in which case, this is what your test pads are for. You

printing solder paste on test vias

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 22 09:41:49 EDT 2003 | davef

Mantis: Kenny reflows paste on [wave solders] all via, not just the test via, to plug the via and provide for a pressure seal between the board and the test fixture. Beyond that, since solder is softer than copper [and fills the hole better], solde

via as test point

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 26 12:26:43 EST 2001 | CAM

I'm working a problem and looking for your input. Here the deal: Two sided mix technology board. Test is using unmasked via points on bottom for test points. Our fab drawing states tent via points on top side. First set of board came in with no tenti

Availability of GRID-LOK

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 30 12:14:00 EDT 2001 | hinerman

1. The grid-lok technology affords itself the flexibility to come in a variety of heights. The list of machines given are customers we are working with currently. Please contact me offline at jhinerman@ovationproducts.net if you have a specific app


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