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Measure the flatness of a surface

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 15 04:43:15 EDT 2004 | Danish

Can anyone advise how to measure flatness of a surface?Flatness on top of IC..

Any different between Flat Ribbon and Gull Wing Component?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 12 15:53:59 EDT 2007 | realchunks

Steve is right. There is a difference between flat ribbon "devices" and flat ribbon "cable". IPC standards are the same for flat ribbon as gull wing. Here's a pic for example: http://www.topline.tv/FLATPACK.html

Tape and Reel Flatness?

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 26 16:07:56 EST 2012 | jerlong

Greetings, Does anyone know where to find a tape and reel flatness specification? Looking at the EIA 481-B standard, there is no reference to the tape flatness (the images shown may "imply" flatness from one side of the tape to the other, However I

Post wave flat belt

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 26 10:26:57 EST 2004 | KenM

I am trying to find a source for a flat conveyor belt for an old post wave flat belt conveyor at a reasonable cost. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Measure the flatness of a surface

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 16 09:17:13 EDT 2004 | russ

For flatness - Put the part on a leveling plate and roll a dial indicator across it. The leveling plate is not required for a true flatness check but using this will also work for parallelism of lead base to top of body.

Flat ribbon lead ?

Electronics Forum | Wed Nov 29 23:17:37 EST 2006 | raychamp007

Dear Friend, SMD E-cap wasn't a Flat ribbon, L or gull wing. Pls. look at SOIC & QFP for Flat ribbon, L or gull wing. So far IPC had confirmed dont have any criteria set specific for SMD E-cap.

Any different between Flat Ribbon and Gull Wing Component?

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 10 20:32:57 EDT 2007 | raychamp007

Dear Friend, Any one can tell is there any different between Flat Ribbon and Gull Wing Component? Any one pls give an example or provide a picture of flat ribbon component. Thanks.

PCBA flatness

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 13 04:37:13 EST 2006 | Daniel

Hi Experts, We have requirement from our customer to control the PCBA flatness at 10 mils diagonally. Weird but this is the requirement due to the need for some through hole pins (spreaded acroos the board must touch the copper sheet while they are

SMD flatness standard

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 19 22:21:37 EST 2006 | KEN

When you say "SMD" I am assuming you are refering to a component. But in your description you mention these are some type of "boards". "flatness" or coplanarity is a function of the application and process. I think in your case your standards wo

Pick and Place Startup - LQPF100 bridging issues

Electronics Forum | Fri Mar 26 15:48:31 EDT 2021 | grahamcooper22

Leaded HASL on small pads can be quite difficult to print on...the HASL tends to be domed rather than flat..and that can affect print quality...you really need a perfectly flat pcb pad to print paste on when you are assembling 0.5mm QFPs. If the pcb

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