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Re: non-wetting on gold land pad

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 20:45:38 EDT 1999 | chris

Hi Dave, We suspect that the organic FM causes the non-wetting problem. FTIR analysis confirm that the FM is a flux residue. Dave we only used FTIR to detect organic contaminants, we also used SEM/EDX to determined the elemental composition of the

Unusual solderability issue

Electronics Forum | Fri Oct 29 11:42:04 EDT 2010 | pfloh

For my opinion, this will not the end for you yet if supplier unable to provide you the rootcauses and corrections. I faced this more than 3 times within 2 years. All type of lab tests (SEM, FTIR,cross-sectioning,solderability tests, and etc.) They

soldermask color change around vias

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 07 11:42:30 EDT 2019 | gregoryyork

Sorry meant to say if the C3 is only testing Ionic then typically this material is Nonyl Phenol which is non ionic so may possibly not see it. Im not familiar with that test, hence we carry out FTIR extraction

Re: contamination on feedthru wires

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 13 20:55:11 EST 2000 | Dave F

Not too much to go on, bud. Tell us about: * Wire material, finish, insultation, etc * Wetting problem description * Why feed that the wire is used for through is important * Range and extent of the problem * Results of metallographic analysis of "g

non-wetting on gold land pad

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 27 19:50:59 EDT 1999 | chris

Hi What is the possible cause of non-wetting of solder paste to the gold land pad. What we observed in the surface of the non-wet pad is an organic FM, and using FTIR we found out that it is a flux. It is possible that the cause of non-wetting is

Re: non-wetting on gold land pad

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 28 09:25:35 EDT 1999 | Dave F

Chris: Typical non-wetting causes are: * Poorly controlled soldering process * Incorrect material * Surface contamination * Insufficient preheat * Misapplied solder mask * Shadowing Without intending to insult you, all of the causes of non-w

oven resin from adhesives

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 19 09:42:56 EDT 2002 | blnorman

I agree with analysis. You'll never accurately find the source until you determine exactly what the "goo" is. We have this problem, but like previous posters, the goo is flux residue. We do use the ovens for both reflow and adhesive cure. The adh

PDBE and PBB replacements???

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 21 08:46:05 EST 2005 | GS

Hello Gents, Many thanks Davef for your always helpful informations. I have a question, pls, related to : which kind of Test Method are they going to be used to perform analysis (Rohs Compliance verification tests) on EEE in order to find out oncen

problem in solderability

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 04 13:59:05 EDT 2008 | vladig

Well, it depends on what kind of evidence you'd have. I dealt with quite a few of them including a VERY big one (a chip maker) and all of them would try to prove you wrong, until they realize that the data you have speak for themselve. Saying data I

Failure Analysis by External Lab

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 24 03:33:30 EDT 2014 | edriansyah

Hi All.. I need your advice, when you send your boards to be analized by external lab, what kind of result would you expect from them? Do you expect them to find the root cause of the problem and give countermeasure of the problem? (this is what I e

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