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Beware of counterfeit Fuji feeders and parts out of China

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 13 10:38:38 EST 2004 | fastek

This I have heard from (2) different sources. Fuji feeders for CP series machines are now being counterfeited in China and are being sold as original. They will in all appearences look completely legit in original boxes and with Fuji bar-codes. Once

Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 10 16:23:11 EDT 2004 | davem

Hi Grant, In previous positions I've had experience with the Fuji CP43, CP6, CP642, CP643, CP65, IP3 & QP242. In operating, training and process engineering capacities. Presently, I'm working with 2 SMT lines (in a process engineering capacity) wit

Placement Equipment and Long Boards

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 09 10:16:14 EDT 2007 | davef

Pick and place: * Fuji: The largest pcb size is 20" by 18" for pick and place; 18"x14" for chip shooters. Fuji NP XL series allows 27 by 23 inch boards using a conveyor. * MYDATA has machines that can be configured to 34" X 44" X 0.500" * HSP 4796A a

Fuji Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Tue Jun 01 16:12:49 EDT 2004 | gregf912

The 10k rebuild does not need to be applied every 3-4 months as previosly stated. A cp machine that is running 100% of the time on a 24/7 basis will tack up 10k hours in 12.4 months. Now we all know that this is impossible due to parts shortages, pro

New Pick and Place Operation

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 02 16:33:08 EDT 2004 | davem

Fuji is the best, but there are other alternatives besides Quad. If you really want to look at Fuji, take a peek at their XP142E series. With "Vision processing on the fly" and a "Mini Turret Head" with 12 placement nozzles it should fit your needs n

Fuji CP6 and IP3 specifications request

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 04 13:58:20 EDT 2016 | sumote

Does anyone have the technical specifications for the Fuji CP6 and the Fuji IP3? Looking for the placement speed (parts per hour), accuracy, smallest/largest component size, fine-pitch (what size it can do). Our new sales guy is putting together some

Fuji CP3 and 2mm pitch tape

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 14 11:02:59 EST 2003 | soupatech

I found a feeder with a 2mm pitch and was told that although it was made for the CP4, it would work with the CP3. Before we throw out a thousand bucks, has anyone had experience loading parts off of a 2mm pitch tape with the CP3? The part is a 1.6

Fuji cp3 and ip2 placement speed

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 12 18:51:42 EDT 2002 | russ

The "BEST" thsat they could do is what is in the manual. BUT we all know that no-one that I know of designs boards with only 0805 on .100" centers with one component. CP 3 should give you on average maybe 10k per hour. IP 2 I really don't know sin

CE Mark and No CE Mark

Electronics Forum | Wed Sep 16 10:21:14 EDT 2015 | beta

Hi all, Is there much in the way of difference between a Fuji CP6 machine with the CE mark and a machine without the CE Mark? I know why the CE Mark is required within the EU but I am talking nuts & bolts here - is the machine any different? or is

Fuji cp3 and ip2 placement speed

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 13 13:34:39 EDT 2002 | soupatech

Thanks for all the input everyone..... At least I have a starting point and have something to compare my actual numbers with. It seems to me the most important thing to worry about is feeders and writing the program correctly. I have spent most of my

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