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Difference between NXT2 and NXT3

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 18 02:49:03 EST 2016 | nirmex

1-Machine speed. 2-New Head H24 and DYNA Head. 3-New Feeder type W08f 4-New Part Camera. 5-New Y-Axis Flat cable design. 6-New GUI with Touch Screen. 7-Panel Height detection. 8-Feeder raising detection. 9-NPI tools support. 10-Overall machi

Do you use a FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine? I wonder if you are using W08c, or W08f feeder?

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 21 06:05:48 EDT 2022 | sophyluo1985

Hi,Dear All,Recently we have many customers asking us, FUJI NXTIII pick and place machine can use W08c feeder or W08f feeder, which one is better? We know the W08c will cost less than the W08f feeder. But there will still be some people who will be c


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