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Re: Cost per placement measure

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 05 01:22:46 EDT 1999 | Karlin

| I am working on trying to define a cost per placement measure in our SMT assembly operations. | | Does anyone know where I might find a published industry average that we may compare to? | | I�ve heard it stated that an industry average is less t

Identifying Caps

Electronics Forum | Sun Nov 10 08:23:02 EST 2002 | davef

Organized or not, it is very easy to end-up with a bag of "fly shit" after sweeping the floor. Making measurements: * Search the net on "capacitance meter" to find an equipment supplier. HP [Aligent?] and IEC make very good meters. [We just use a F

charging batterys via solar

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 13 09:49:30 EST 2002 | Phil the Quality Guy

Basically, the charge curve of a nicad cell isn't particularly linear. Your length of time is more dependant on the amperage rating of your cell. There's a difference between a 1.4 Amp and a 2.2 Amp capacity. As a nicad charges the bulk of the cha

Floor life pcb assembly

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 23 19:00:39 EDT 2008 | stevek

It depends on the laminate but a PWB is like any other MSL component. Some fab shops are only waranting standard FR4 laminates for 45-60 days when processed at lead free temperatures. The best thing I can say is to try some weight gain/loss experim

Best Jet Printer? MY600?

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 07 09:23:25 EST 2016 | rgduval

We've had our My500 for about four months now, and couldn't be happier. We are a super-high-mix, super-low-volume shop, and the flexibility provided by the 500 over stencils is stunning. So, you buy 5-10 stencils a week? That's 260-520 stencils a

Dymax vs Humiseal Urethane Confomals.... Anyone?

Electronics Forum | Tue Feb 03 13:39:08 EST 2009 | grics

Good morning Jamie. I work at a CM and can offer some input on process flexability. I do not have any data on how reliable the coating is but I can say that they are both very difficult to control. Will you be selective coating or full coating? Ho


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