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MCS 16F hard disk maintenance for Fuji IP1

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 18:27:52 EST 2006 | bvdb

We've been using the MCS-16F computer with a Fuji IP-1 for about 9 months and wonder what the "Hard Disk Maintenance" feature does. We have no documentation on this feature. Best Regards, Bert

MCS 16F hard disk maintenance for Fuji IP1

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 20:28:59 EST 2006 | Ola

How old is this machine? What is the current level of the Application s/w and OS? /

MCS 16F hard disk maintenance for Fuji IP1

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 21:41:19 EST 2006 | bvdb

I'm at home right now but remember that the MCS-16F boots up saying V2.3. The IP-1 is a 1986 machine but the MCS-16F was purchased used as a replacement to one that didn't work. The vintage is unknown. Tomorrow is Monay and I'll see if there is an

MCS 16F hard disk maintenance for Fuji IP1

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 16 22:43:56 EST 2006 | Ola

Hi, If I remember correctly (it has been about 15 years since i worked with one of these.)The old MCS machine is based upon a Motorola 6800/68000-series Micro processor and the operating system is OS/9 from Microware Systems Corporation. This was a r

MCS30 scan disk

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 21 09:33:05 EDT 2007 | chrisgriffin

Every time I had a disk utility take that long, the hard drive was pretty much not usable. Could be write errors or bad sectors on the drive.

Electrovert econopak boot disk

Electronics Forum | Mon Sep 03 21:49:26 EDT 2018 | aemery

Maybe your CMOS battery is dead! On some of these old system once the battery is drained the CMOS settings are lost, this would include the correct setting for detecting the hard drive and I doubt there is an auto detect . Try turning on the machine

Backup a OS/2 GSM hard drive?

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 10 19:43:21 EST 2015 | ttheis

Regarding redundancy to keep an old GSM machine from going down, I've backed up my mapping, calibration and configurations files and I'm picking up spare parts here and there for the VME but I would like to have something in place in the even the mac

Re: Fuji MCS-16F

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 10 12:22:37 EDT 1998 | Ben Salisbury

| We are looking for spare hard drives for the Fuji MCS computer. I believe this is an MFM drive. Is this correct? Where can these drives be found? | Thanks. I was going through the archives and came accross this one...no answer...probably too lat

Juki 750L machine software

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 10 10:25:37 EDT 2015 | menvox

Hello, I have a Juki 750L with a damaged hard disk. I need the machine software. If somebody have it, or a mirror copy of the hard disk.. Did somebody know where is located the offsets and setings of the machines? On the hard disk or on the computer

Orbotech AOI

Electronics Forum | Thu Aug 06 23:47:14 EDT 2015 | anilwagh

I have Orbotech AOI Trion2340EXP. Machine hard disk damaged and we are loaded machine software on hard disk. Need to communicate system file like config.sys and others. Please any one suggest.

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