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Testing and probe contact for wafers with bump

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 05 05:41:48 EDT 2000 | casi

I need to find info about testing and probe contact about wifers with bump on pads. Thanks a lot to everybody that helps me

Pick and place labels

Electronics Forum | Fri Sep 24 12:02:57 EDT 2004 | Frank

Yes, I can see your problem, the nozzle makes only good contact in the center and so the ends don't make good contact. The ends tend to curl up during reflow. There were two suggestions to solve this. 1) Let the operator push down the labels befor

High-end SPI and AOI?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jan 25 01:35:56 EST 2010 | orproadamshaw

Hi, As stated above development of the systems we took over from Orbotech has not ceased. I don't know which geographic region you are in, but your first contact should be either a Business Partner, or ORPRO Vision support direct in the region. On

Tape and Reel services

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 11:17:01 EDT 1999 | Ben Wilmot

Looking for a uk based company to tape and reel smt filters (small batch job). Any contacts appreciated. Thanks Ben

Pick and Place Machines

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 25 11:09:34 EST 1999 | Joe

We are trying to decide between a Contact Systems Model 3AV or a Multitronix Model DHM120 P&P machine. Any advice or feedback would be apreciated. Joe

EMS Terms and Conditions

Electronics Forum | Sat Dec 15 10:00:42 EST 2001 | davef

Why would there be a need for such a standard? And who would produce such a standard? Thoughts are: * Why not call the BIG dogs in contacting [ie, Solectron, Flextronics, SCI, etc.] and ask them for copies of their T&C documents and mash them toge

IC Programming and taping

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 20 09:02:04 EDT 2003 | mario

Can anyone give me a telephone number or contact for a service shop for IC programming and taping for small batches such as qty of 2k to 10k prefer north-east location. I am located in Montreal.

Flux Designations and Composition

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 07 17:55:18 EDT 2004 | davef

Another thought, why not contact a flux supplier that is able to give you the background information you seek? For instance: Daniel Werkhoven; Interflux Electronics/Belgium [ http://www.interflux-electronics.com ] [We have no relationship, nor rec

SMT-6000 trays and carrousel

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 06 15:53:59 EST 2006 | Mike

Does anyone know where I can get the trays and carrousels for these old OKI machines? I contacted the guy in Florida who is selling these now and he has none. He has been saying they will be in two weeks for 18 months now. Any help is appreciated.

Inspection and splicing

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 05 15:50:53 EDT 2007 | Kelleyk2

Contact Innovative Manufacturing Solutions to address both issues. Smart Tweezers and Cover Tape Extenders for all sizes of carrier tape are in stock.

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