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Small scale reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 15 10:32:23 EDT 2019 | slthomas

Just a comment on the Heller 1500. We had 3 at a previous workplace where we never made the Pb-free transition (this was early 2000's). The ovens we had were not designed for and were never used for Pb-free processing yet every one of them had all o

reflow oven advice

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 20 16:21:54 EDT 2013 | woodsmt

I would reccomend at least a 8 zone system when doing RoHs. Most of the better systems (Vitronics, heller, BTU, ETC) built since 2006 should be able to run the higher temps for Pb Free. Should be a lot of them on the market world wide (used) with l

Lead manufacturing to lead free transisition

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 21 14:14:11 EST 2007 | rgduval

Hi, Bill, Lead-free solder and paste manufacturers will be a great resource for you during the transition; they've tested their products extensively, and their application groups have been able to help me through the biggest changes. There are a fe

RoHS reflow ovens need more zones????

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 10 17:00:05 EST 2006 | darby

Yep. If speed is not an issue a Heller 1500 will pretty well do you fine unless you are trying to process a brick. A Heller 1700 will not give you any more heated length, so don't get sucked in to that one. However, they are a little more fun to pl

Reflow Oven Exhaust Temperature

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 22 16:04:04 EDT 2020 | cyber_wolf

Using steel/aluminum duct work causes a radiator effect. Our Heller's have flexible rubber tubing coming off both ends that feed into a T above them. Just measured them at 57C on PbFree Profiles

Need help for setting up an assembly line

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 22:19:40 EDT 2006 | Nathan

Dear All, We plan to setup an assembly line for our small volume production of PCBs (about couple hundred PCBs per week). The board has about 150 components (less than 30 types) and a few BGA and IC (majority is SMT, only few THT connectors). We hav

Lead Free Process

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 06 12:07:07 EDT 2001 | nwyatt

I have been researching lead-free paste for a while now and I will share with you what I can. Firstly, SnAgCu seems to be the common industry choice. It really depends on your application - the cell phone/pda sector is primarly using different comb


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