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how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 05:54:41 EDT 2015 | langkeauto2015

Hi, Tsvetan, sorry for your bad experience for Chinese brand PNP machine. For your doubt, pls refer to my comment:) Our pnp machine is special for led tube, led panel, led strip, RGB strip, and led display screen PCB, and real working speed feedbacke

how is the South America market for high speed pnp machine , why many usa clients want desktop pnp machine, mainl for rearch and

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 22 07:20:12 EDT 2015 | spoiltforchoice

I'm not entirely sure that is accurate. The only people who want small 'desktop' machines are hobbyists/labs who are unable to accept the costs and time constraints placed upon them by a subcontractor and think they can do better themselves. Standalo

Possibility of a cheaper pick and place machine design?

Electronics Forum | Sun Aug 31 16:16:37 EDT 2014 | spoiltforchoice

Andres, I think if you were to understand the process a little better you would realise the many many problems you would encounter building even very simple things using your method. Even 30 minutes watching Youtube videos of current machines might h

Multi-part reeling for pick and place

Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 17 15:22:17 EDT 2004 | rohman23

Thanks for all the responses. I do agree with what was said, and can certainly see reasons not to try. I'll write a little more about what we do. We are a defense contractor, and as I mentioned very high mix, low volume. We only have 1 SMT line.

I had a nightmare

Electronics Forum | Thu Jun 28 08:14:11 EDT 2001 | Stefan Witte

I visit customers on a contract base to get the machines in a status, that an operator can take over. These customers are usually small shops, who can not effort an engineer to set up the machines. I am not afraid of my job, if it does not require a

Nozzle size

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 12 16:17:07 EDT 2002 | soupatech

There seems to be less play in the pocket than with other parts i've loaded. I was assuming the large nozzle would work better but for reasons unknown to me it didn't. I also tried a 1mm and had parts all over the machine (can you say hand place 100+

LED lifted soldering defect

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 04 04:28:58 EST 2019 | oxygensmd

It seems there isn't right connection between solder and solder-legs. Maybe check that the LEDs get huminidity, have some oxidation on the legs, try different solder paste, check the reflow solder profile. On the photo I can not saw properly reflowe

Faster Than Lightning!

Electronics Forum | Mon May 13 02:14:04 EDT 2019 | tsvetan

All these generalizations are non sense. What real cph you will receive depend on many factors: - paths optimization - what number of feeders are used - what number of nozzle changes has your job - how fast is the recognition for small and big part

Groundhog day ~ vortex

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 16 13:08:24 EDT 2013 | ericrr

I seem to of slipped into a mighty giant suction cup, and every day is the same. Now take yesterday as I was making a sample the start of run board, we have run many times. it got halfway placing diffused LED's 3216 (about 1207 size) then is stoppe


Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 26 13:23:40 EST 2020 | rgduval

I haven't used these clips, or this machine, so... But..in general, I'd use as large a nozzle as you can that fits the pick area of the clip. That should give you the best opportunity at lifting the clip. If the machine has a gripper nozzle (with

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