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Used Equipment from China

Electronics Forum | Sat Aug 13 08:51:33 EDT 2005 | cyber_wolf

No I do not work for IBE.

Re: Looking for advise on Spare parts/ Used Equipments

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 05 12:18:44 EDT 2000 | aaronho

Try the following address: FastParts.com www.xytek-equip.com www.ibe-surplus.com I think the best way is go to the original suppliers Go luck.

Spare parts for SMT ICT machine

Electronics Forum | Sat Nov 25 11:05:50 EST 2006 | jgarver1

Try Lewis and Clark for test equipment parts. I know they have a large inventory of parts! http://www.lewis-clark.com/ Jared Garver IBE SMT Equipment http://www.ibesmt.com

Unknown Reference Designator

Electronics Forum | Wed Mar 18 17:41:15 EDT 2009 | gregf912

Chris, Go to IBE and get the LCD monitors. The kit fits the CP6 and the resolution is much better that tne factory ones.

TI-23A NEC Camera

Electronics Forum | Tue Jul 07 06:59:44 EDT 2009 | daxman

Maybe give IBE SMT Equipment a try. I know they sell and service DEK and have a huge spare parts inventory.

DEK 265

Electronics Forum | Mon Nov 22 11:36:32 EST 2010 | mmjm_1099

I just has this issue and replaced the MIU card. I ordered it from IBE SMT. Make sure to troubleshoot before purchasing anything of course.

Fuji CP3 rear Display

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 02 07:48:58 EST 2010 | jdengler

Check with IBE (800) 353-6942. They had a LCD replacement kit they were selling. Jerry

Looking a for Mydata TP-11

Electronics Forum | Tue May 21 09:13:23 EDT 2013 | davef

Senor Tech: Used equipment resellers that support SMTnet are: * IBE SMT * Precision Placement Machines * Capital Equipment Exchange * Robo-Tek * Xline Assets * GoDove * Adopt SMT * JMW Inc * Baja Bid BR, davef

Belt feeders

Electronics Forum | Mon Dec 02 15:43:55 EST 2013 | jgarver1

We have Siemens Vibratory Feeders in stock that will allow you to feed components directly from the tube. Let us know if we can help. Jared Garver IBE SMT Equipment www.ibesmt.com


Electronics Forum | Sat Jul 04 03:00:21 EDT 2015 | padawanlinuxero

i dont work for them but i get a lot of stuff of MYDATA with them IBE SMT Equipment 318 Corporate Woods Drive Magnolia, Texas 77354 United States Toll Free: (800) 353-6942 Office: (281) 259-9660 Fax: (281) 259-886 cheers!!!

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