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Part identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 18:16:08 EST 2010 | davef

I just clicked-on the second 'fixya' link. It worked for me.

Part identification

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 07 10:10:16 EST 2010 | mlerley

Thanks RLM, I think that's it! Never would have made that connection. Much appreciated!

Varistor/Capacitor identification

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 14:28:34 EST 2019 | davef

130pf +/-20%

Part identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 08:42:18 EST 2010 | leemeyer

Looks like a 2SD1623 from Sanyo. Check the following datasheet, look below the "electrical characteristics" for component marking info. http://www.zymcu.com/datasheet/device/2sb1123.pdf

Part identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 13:40:54 EST 2010 | mlerley

Thanks, I'd found that first fixya link but not the second. If you're copy-and-pasting that list of part id sites, better check them -- all but one are broken links.

Part identification

Electronics Forum | Tue Jan 05 17:31:12 EST 2010 | mlerley

Howdy folks! Your friendly neighborhood SMTnet.com programmer here. I've spent the last couple of years adding features and fixing bugs for y'all, and now I need some help. The board attached to this post is an inverter for an LCD display fluoresc

Varistor/Capacitor identification

Electronics Forum | Thu Dec 19 10:53:15 EST 2019 | kithnelso

Can any one tell me what I would need to replace this yellow disc. I have another board that this part has burned up, and I need to find a replacement. The manufacturer is Buss, however I cannot find any information with the numbers printed on it. Th

Varistor/Capacitor identification

Electronics Forum | Fri Dec 20 02:27:27 EST 2019 | spoiltforchoice

Well yes except it's marked M1 on the PCB, suggesting it's exactly what it looks like, a metal oxide varistor or 'MOV' specifically one rated to 130VAC making the board itself an AC product that takes 110V input. To replace, find any 130v varistor o

Part identification

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 06 07:45:30 EST 2010 | davef

The transistor on your Audiovox VE926 Commax CL-70MA board is double marked. You are looking for a "DF S2N" You're not the first with this problem. Look here for leads: * http://www.fixya.com/support/t404099-audiovoxve926_no_picture * http://www.f

SMT Component identification

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 20 12:16:01 EDT 2012 | abielectronicsltd


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