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Hostile environment for inspection equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 15:57:44 EDT 2004 | Don Ackerman

We are a capacitor manufacturer. After crimping, we inspect the case length with digital calipers. The harsh environment (acid) destroys the calipers. Has anyone found chemical resistant measuring devices that will withstand this hostile environment?

Hostile environment for inspection equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 27 16:43:29 EDT 2004 | davef

How about: * Plastic calipers: For instance: http://www.mitutoyo.com/cat2000a/o-09.htm * Go / No go gages? We have no relationship, nor receive benefit from the company linked above.

X-Ray equipment for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 17:51:58 EDT 2002 | davef

Our sympathies on: * Working for a CM. Nufsed. * Living in Eastern Canada. Time find the snow shovel, eh? Consider: * Searching the fine SMTnet Archives for a list of used equipment resellers and refurbishers. * Using the SMTnet �Marketplace� [in

X-Ray equipment for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 14:35:16 EDT 2002 | Kovachik

We are a CM located in Eastern Canada. Looking for some used X-Ray Equipment. Would anyone be able to suggest some reputable used equipment dealers, preferably in Canada OR perhaps one of the board readers'companies would have equipment they are lo

X-Ray equipment for BGA inspection

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 23 05:16:16 EDT 2002 | pizzafred

Dear Kovachik, Why used? What is your budget? I have heard from a couple of rep's that there are some new products coming to the market (USA & Canada) with a sample size of 16 x 16 with a 45 deg view for under 55K US Fred

AOI inspection

Electronics Forum | Sun Jan 23 11:22:23 EST 2000 | Robert Steltman

Is anyone out there using a "Opti-Check" system? I think it is distributed in the States by Mancorp. We are based in South Africa and have recently purchased this piece of equipment and would love to get into contact with others using it in order to

inspection system

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 15 08:38:23 EDT 2003 | pjc

Don't have any specific links to papers and articles. Try searching on the IPC.org (plus APEX show http://www.goapex.org) and SMTA.org web sites. Any papers and articles on the process from equipment mfg.'s should be taken with a grain of salt. Sold

X-ray equipment

Electronics Forum | Tue Apr 14 14:54:48 EDT 2015 | rangarajd

Hi! We are in the market to buy a 3D X-ray inspection system. I have short listed (1) Dage (2) Nikon (3) Yxlon to begin with. Please pass on your inputs & recommendations / experiences with some of the latest 3D X-ray equipments out there. We are

Solder paste inspection Equipment

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 01 19:45:42 EDT 1998 | Gary Simbulan

Help!! There has to be someone out there other than Cyberoptics. Not that I think they don't have good equipment but I would like at least to have other companies to compare prices and features. If you have any names and numbers I would appreciate

X-ray inspection services

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 03 09:38:39 EDT 2004 | Danny

We are a small PCBA contract manufacturer based in Malaysia. Sometimes, our customers request us to provide X-ray inspection on BGAs. Due to our production mode is towards high-mix low-volume, it is a bit difficult justifying purchase of X-ray inspec

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