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IPC Standards

IPC Standards

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IPC standards, the results of industry consensus and collaboration, are respected throughout the whole world. Using IPC standards allows manufacturers, customers and suppliers to speak the same language. IPC standards are used by the electronics

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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Testing of Manufactured PCB's

Electronics Forum | Wed Oct 17 17:44:49 EDT 2001 | davef

What you do is reasonable. Some of these and other tests are covered in: * IPC-6011 - Generic Performance Specification For Printed Boards * IPC-6012A w A#1 - Qualification & Performance For Rigid Printed Boards

We're gettin' the standard!

Electronics Forum | Thu May 31 10:40:30 EDT 2001 | davef

See, all those bad thoughts we had ... The guilt, how do we live with it? 3 Spec Fir Tree General Technical Specification 3a Design/Layout: IPC-2221 IPC-2222 3b PCB Fab: IPC-6011 IPC-6012 IPC-4101 IPC-A-600 3c PCB assembly: J-STD-001 IPC-A-6

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IPC New Releases New Products

Industry News | 2001-12-17 07:49:03.0

The following IPC products have now been released.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

Flex Interconnect Technologies Re-Certified as Lockheed Martin’s Approved Supplier for Flex and Rigid-Flex Circuits

Industry News | 2013-01-21 20:50:39.0

Flex Interconnect Technologies (FIT) announces that it has been re-certified by Lockheed Martin Missiles and Fire Control as its approved supplier for producing flex and rigid-flex circuits to IPC-6011 class 3 and IPC-6013 class 3

Flex Interconnect Technologies

Technical Library: ipc-6011 (2)

IPC 9252A Electrical Test Considerations & Military Specifications versus Electrical Test

Technical Library | 2013-04-04 15:28:39.0

This paper will outline and define what requirements must be adhered to for the OEM community to truly achieve the IPC class product from the Electrical Test standpoint. This will include the test point optimization matrix, Isolation (shorts) parameters and Continuity (opens) parameters. This paper will also address the IPC Class III/A additional requirements for Aerospace and Military Avionics. The disconnect exists between OEMs understanding the requirements of their specific IPC class design versus the signature that will be presented from their design. This results in many Class III builds failing at Electrical Test... First published in the 2012 IPC APEX EXPO technical conference proceedings

Gardien Services USA

Best Practices for Improving the PCB Supply Chain: Performing the Process Audit

Technical Library | 2018-08-03 14:37:59.0

In the electronics industry, the quality and reliability of any product is highly dependent upon the capabilities of the manufacturing suppliers. Manufacturing defects are one of the top reasons why companies fail to meet warranty expectations. These problems can result in severe financial pain and eventual loss of market share. What a surprising number of engineers and managers fail to realize is that focusing on processes addresses only part of the issue. Supplier selection also plays a critical role in the success or failure of the final product.

DfR Solutions

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How to make sure you're using the most recent revision of IPC standards

How to make sure you're using the most recent revision of IPC standards


IPC Vice President David Bergman explains where to find and how to use the Document Revision Table.

Association Connecting Electronics Industries (IPC)

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IPC-6012 Trainer (CIT) Certification Training Course

Training Courses | | | IPC-6012 Trainer (CIT)

The Certified IPC-6012 Trainer (CIT) courses recognize individuals as qualified trainers in the area of design, fabrication and inspection of rigid printed boards and prepare them to deliver Certified IPC-6012 Specialist (CIS) training.

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

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IPC Standards for Manufacturing & Assembly - PCB Libraries Forum

PCB Libraries, Inc. |

: 20 Jul 2012 Location: Hollister, CA Status: Offline Points: 83 Post Options Post Reply Quote rdl86626 Report Post    Thanks(1)    Quote    Reply Posted: 08 Mar 2013 at 8:35am Hi,   We use IPC-A-600, IPC-4101, IPC- 6011, IPC-6012, IPC-6013, IPC-SM-840 FOR FABS Assembly's only IPCF-STD-001

PCB Libraries, Inc.

IPC 6012 Training and Certification - Blackfox Institute

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC |

Performance Specification for Rigid Printed Boards IPC-6011 Generic Performance Specifications for Printed Boards IPC-2221 Generic Standard on Printed Board Design IPC-A-600 Acceptability of Printed Boards CIT

Blackfox Training Institute, LLC

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