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Other Jet Printer besides MYCRONIC?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 10:54:07 EST 2019 | nathanmcdonough

As Josh hinted, the majority of jet valve manufacturers aren't in the business of making machines. It's usually down to other companies (such as MYCRONIC) to integrate the JET valves into usable machinery, and besides MYCRONIC I can't think of anyone

Other Jet Printer besides MYCRONIC?

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 11 02:19:54 EST 2019 | jlawson

Jetting paste is no easy , ball mesh size and metal loading, SG and the dynamic rehology of the flux medium need to be matched to the jetting forces from the dispensing system. There are many jetting valve makers Musashi from Japan, Nordson Lyquidyn

Nordson/Asymtek Jet Dispense DJ2000

Electronics Forum | Mon Mar 10 18:43:14 EDT 2008 | chrisgriffin

If you are running 1 shift 8 hours a day, I would PM the valve at least twice a week depending on dispense medium. With the opoxy I used, I cleaned the valve and needle every day.

Nordson/Asymtek Jet Dispense DJ2000

Electronics Forum | Tue Mar 11 11:59:33 EDT 2008 | wrongway

we use loctite adhesive through our dj2000 valve 2-3 shifts a day 5 days a week I clean the entire valve out 1 every 2 weeks we take just the needle off and soak it between jobs

My700 Alternatives

Electronics Forum | Tue May 16 09:46:25 EDT 2023 | tommy_magyar

Being a user or former user of both machines (user of Mycronic MY600, former user of Essemtec Scorpion used for adhesive dispensing), it really depends on the need of your business. We use the Mycronic jet printer for multiple processes: SMT printing

Solder paste jetting vs time pressure dispensing

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 19 12:42:16 EDT 2023 | daniel_stanphill

The my700 can dispense 1 million dots per hour. It's not an exaggeration either. It literally never stops moving, and is dispensing without contacting the board. It uses the same type of mathematical calculations that a plane dropping a bomb uses in

Other Jet Printer besides MYCRONIC?

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 23 23:45:35 EST 2019 | kiransahu

Piezoelectric type (office/industrial) In this method, a piezoelectric (piezo) element, whose volume is deformed when voltage is applied, is used to discharge ink particles. This element is attached to the component that is filled with ink. Then, th

Re: How long to burn in a circuit board

Electronics Forum | Mon Feb 14 12:07:47 EST 2000 | Dave F

Leslie: Product screens and tests of prototypes and test vehicles should be tailored for the specific goal and product. I caution your use of equations and test condition information without specific use environments and design conditions. Lawyer:


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