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Re: Attention Equipment Sellers and Buyers

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 19:32:21 EDT 1998 | Wayne Bracy

Cnuli Jia: Thanks for the nicely spoken message. We will check the new mart out shortly. Most of us enjoy reading the technical writings and will input advise or suggestions from time to time. Thanks Wayne

Component Package/Classification

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 08:00:57 EDT 2005 | davef

Dimension mm (LXW)||JIA||EIA 1.0X0.5||1005||0402 1.6X0.8||1608||0603

Component Package/Classification

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 13 21:31:36 EDT 2005 | Thaqalain

So,1005/0402 and 1608/0603 are same components except last numbers are in inches. For 0402: L=.04"*25.4=1.016mm: W=.02"*25.4=0.5mm which was for component 1005 as per JIA. Am I correct?

Re: Thermal Profiling

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 02 20:47:47 EDT 1999 | Dave F

| If you are interested in thermal profiling visit our website www.egsweb.it | Claudio: Thank you for your posting. I'm sure your product is very nice. This is a technical site, it is not intended to be a commercial site, unless the framing of th

Warning: Two advertising messages have been deleted!

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 25 12:03:19 EST 1999 | Cunli Jia @ SMTnet

This morning we had to delete two messages that promoted company products and services on this TECHNICAL Forum. Although these messages are useful information, they are in violation of our Forum rule that prohibits unsolicited advertising through a

Re: About SMT equipment

Electronics Forum | Thu Apr 23 09:46:03 EDT 1998 | Cunli Jia

Igor, If you have not gotten the help you need from earlier messages on this forum, try a search on the SMTnet Directory of Suppliers. You can also browse the whole database by product categories (such as Pick-and-Place Machines) or company names

I nominated Cunli for an SMTA Award

Electronics Forum | Tue May 18 17:07:57 EDT 1999 | Chrys Shea

Today I submitted a nomination for Cunli Jia for the SMTA Founder's Award. I would like to encourage other SMTA members to do the same. Now I know we're a bunch of engineers and not writers, but it will only take a few minutes to send a letter off

Re: On last thing....an apology

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 17 11:01:07 EDT 1998 | Cunli Jia

| A while back I had mentioned hosting an ICQ chat room, my computer at home has since puked itself and I haven't yet convinced my company into letting me run ICQ over their network. So When and if I get the funds to replace my computer at home, the

Attention Equipment Sellers and Buyers

Electronics Forum | Tue May 05 08:57:14 EDT 1998 | Cunli Jia @ SMTnet

Everyone, The PCB Capital Equipment Mart has been open to the public since Monday, May 4. This new service was designed for you, the equipment vendors and users, with input from some of you. All of you can post free ads of quipment for sale or wa

Re: roll type of cleaning wiper

Electronics Forum | Mon Apr 19 03:53:17 EDT 1999 | Scott Davies

| | Please visit our Web site, especially 'link page', to get some hint for roll typr of cleaning wiper for automatic screen printers. http://www.squeegee.co.kr | | If the brainless idiot that keeps posting this message on the forum bothers to rea

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