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Juki KE-2055R KE-2060RL

Used SMT Equipment | Pick and Place/Feeders

Actualy we offer the followings: Juki KE-2050R (2006) SOLD, Juki KE-2055R (2006) + feeders and carts Juki KE-2060RL (2008), Juki KE-2060 (2004) + feeders and carts We can send technical details, info, pictures for items we offer.

Salescon Ltd.

Juki KE2055RM

Used SMT Equipment | Turnkey Lines

Juki KE2055RM complete line available. 1.Loader / Unloader: Local Brand 2.Speedprint SP880AVI screen printer 3.Juki KE2055RM pick and placer 4.Heller 1809EXL reflow oven For more details, please contact us by email.

C.P Company

Juki Juki KE2055RM line

Used SMT Equipment | Turnkey Lines

We are selling 1 complete Juki SMD line. 1.Loader/Unloader: Local Brand 2.Speedprint SP880AVI 3.Juki KE2055RM pick and placer 4.Heller 1809EXL Reflow oven 1.Vintage: all 2005 year 2.Left to Right and Front Fixing Rail 3.330 x 250mm 4.Lead free p

C.P Company


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