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Time to get out

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 21 10:20:24 EST 2002 | caldon


SMT Component placed upside down

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 28 08:02:39 EDT 2005 | bobpan

When we see the upside down part problem its typically feeder related....either the feeder is making the part jump or the z is taught tooooooo deep causing the part to jump before its in its pick location. chow

fiducial cleaners

Electronics Forum | Wed May 09 10:45:39 EDT 2001 | davef

Sounds like a good excuse to jump into straightening-out your "not-cleaning" process, eh?

Fujicam programming

Electronics Forum | Wed Apr 14 08:36:10 EDT 2004 | Mark

Just jump into Fuji Flexa cause its the latest and from what I have used of it very simple to use.

Siplace X

Electronics Forum | Fri Aug 26 05:20:12 EDT 2016 | ariss_t

component jumping should not be the issue cause u can play with the indexing speed.. overall i give 9/10

Siplace X

Electronics Forum | Tue Aug 30 12:49:19 EDT 2016 | emeto

Component jumping is usually result from wrong tape/pocket. X-feeder is very solid - good quality.

Lead Lift in QFP

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 07 17:58:27 EDT 2023 | linux

are the ics jumping in the tray. if not seated correctly the lead lift at pickup. mostly lift lead causing by handling.

AOI Viscom S6056 problem

Electronics Forum | Wed May 22 09:14:39 EDT 2024 | tommy_magyar

I confirm from my previous experience with Viscom machines that software updates must be done by not jumping over releases. Jumping over releases may mean that some of the features may not be installed but there will be updates to them, creating wor

Re: converting from 0805's to smaller packages

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 05 15:14:27 EST 2001 | Mark Krmpotich

Currently where I work, we are busy running trials with smaller component sizes. Consumer Electronics is being driven to smaller and smaller products. Just look at the short history of the cell phone. Remeber when they used to look like Army Walki

Aluminum tape

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 15 16:10:13 EST 2006 | slthomas

My understanding is that you get a reading that's the average of all of the jumped points if you jump tc wires with conductive tape. If you're doing multiple parts on a board with varying masses and don't control the attachment method (i.e., how mu

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