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Quad QSP-2 Z-hight wrong

Jun 6, 2019 |

BGA rework clearance

Apr 24, 2019 |

Component ( Connector ) drop during secondary reflow

Dec 4, 2018 | Hi Rob, Thanks. We have inline SPI. Suspecting small jump in the reflow conveyor. We are check

PCB defects

Dec 14, 2017 |

MPM up500 smema issue

Sep 7, 2016 | Looks like I've got to reconfigure the fmi connections. Only pins 1 & 2 populated and when I jump th

Siplace X

Aug 30, 2016 | Component jumping is usually result from wrong tape/pocket. X-feeder is very solid - good quality.

Siplace X

Aug 26, 2016 | component jumping should not be the issue cause u can play with the indexing speed.. overall i give

Siplace X

Nov 30, 2015 |

Mirae MR20LP

Aug 14, 2014 |

chip placed upside down

Jun 11, 2014 |

NADCAP and thermocouple calibration

Aug 8, 2013 | I too am hoping a NADCAP guy might jump in here. I would like to know how this portion of the quest

IR Rework Machine

Jul 6, 2012 |

Dek 265 GSX motor comms failure ...

Mar 20, 2012 | If problem is jumping from card to card; my direction would be 5vdc level. generally like it to be m

Mounting 0402 chips

Oct 12, 2011 |

5 zone oven profile

Apr 4, 2011 |

reflow 1208 flips

Jan 21, 2010 |

0201/Micro BGA PCB Tolerance

Jun 28, 2009 | Daan Terstegge's excellent jump site has a collected information on 0201 here:

localization of the temperature sensors on the pcb

Jan 26, 2009 | Check Daan Terstegge's excellent jump site for articles on profiling

Solder paste dispenser choice

Oct 21, 2008 | Have you checked Daan Terstegge's excellent jump site?

Components jumping off the board

Jul 13, 2008 |

Printed Circuit wash system

Jul 1, 2008 | Sorry Glenda, it's not you. Just that a lot of sales guys always jump this kind of question. Per

Leaded and Lead Free BGA's on hte same board

May 1, 2008 | Took a couple of jumps to other threads but it was there

Trying to step through placement XYs in a gerber viewer... help!

Mar 6, 2008 |

PPS caps degrading value

Jul 9, 2007 | Thermal shock. Be sure you do not jump more than 100 degrees C between your last pre-heat and wave.

cpk value

Mar 9, 2007 |

What to buy

Mar 9, 2007 |

IC short

Jan 29, 2007 | "So I jump ship in Hong Kong, and I get on as a looper in the Himalayas...Gunga-Galunga... ...So w

Omniflow 7 conveyor

Jan 15, 2007 | Not sure if this has any bearing on the problem but did you check to see that T2 and T3 are jumped o

Camera problem with Mydata TP9

Dec 10, 2006 | few days ago the camera picture started jumping like a TV between signals.. the blue Cable between t

QP341 Mark Reader (HELP NEEDED)

Aug 24, 2006 | Fuji sent me insructions on how to jump the connections on the mark reader board. I did it just toda


Aug 15, 2006 | We are using Alpha UP78, which has generally good SIR values. We are seeing current jump from arou

Business question for you CMers

May 18, 2006 | Being a CM you have to jump through hoops for the customer. Our owner actually has a saying on his

Mydata Users

Apr 25, 2006 |

Aluminum tape

Feb 15, 2006 | My understanding is that you get a reading that's the average of all of the jumped points if you jum

Aluminum tape

Feb 15, 2006 | Is this Al tape you guys are talking about insulated? If not, and if it jumps the tc wires, it'll ef

Wave soldering technology

Dec 14, 2005 | Dan Terstegge's jump site is the BEST. Look here:

Gold Pads Soldering problem

Dec 14, 2005 |

PCB intake speed on a Soltec oven

Dec 13, 2005 | We use a conveyor before our oven and put a footswitch on it to send the next board or jump the pins

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