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What is the best way to keep ESD totes clean?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 11:51:47 EST 2011 | rway

Much ado about nothing. Reminding has failed? Who runs the place? You sound like you are a person in authority. You may not be the boss, but authority has weight. The folks that can't seem to remember (or care to remember) have bosses that you c

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 12:44:25 EST 2005 | Indy

thanks for all the information... if you have any more please keep them re-flowing.. cheers Indy

Conceptronic Reflow cooling zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 09:36:55 EST 2006 | aj

All, I would like to find out if it is possible to adjust the cooling rate on a Conceptronic Reflow Oven Model HVN70. We do not use Nitrogen and the Cooloing system is Genesis GCM-1. From profiling it seems to be cooling too quickly. Any replies a

Electrovert oven zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 20:55:57 EST 2017 | youngbuck

Was wondering if anybody has experience a zone that will not get up to temperature. I changed the Solid state relay, made sure the thermocouple is working. The only thing I can think of is the bottom heater panel has a corroded/broken wire which is a

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 18:27:12 EST 2005 | gpaelmo

Hi Indy, Check http://www.jmw-inc.com (they are in the midwest so shipping will not be too bad going out east). I bought 2 MPM printers and a pick and place machine from them late in 2004. I know they have 5-zone reflow and 7-zone ovens there (elect

IR zone vs forced convection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 09:43:31 EST 2006 | russ

Are your preheaters maxed out then? What is conveyor speed? anyway I would not have issue with that configuration at all. I have actually found that when using convection for some watersolubles you actually dry out flux and performance is worse.

Reflow Temperatures and speed for a 7 zone top/bot for conceptro

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 18:17:48 EDT 2003 | Brian W.

Water soluble pastes generally work best with a ramp-to-spike reflow profile. Check your paste manufacturer's recommended profile. There are many factors that impact your profile; board thickness, component density, buried thermal masses, board si

Vitronics oven software- one zone ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 16:17:13 EDT 2004 | davef

Haaaa This is straight out Delbert

Profiling - suspect flux burn out before reflow trouble shooting

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 00:36:25 EDT 2008 | shrek

Try a linear, very flat ramp rate on the order of 0.5 degrees celcius per second. I know this is hard to accomplish with a five zone, but try to lower the first couple of zones (the preheat zone), and then spike to reflow aggressively during your la

Solder Paste Dry out

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 28 14:50:02 EST 2008 | tonyamenson

Let me clarify we throw out used paste after a week not the whole jar. Jars get used up every other day or so. We don't really have a procedure for used paste on the do's and don'ts so I'm in the process of creating one to avoid people adding flux t

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