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What is the best way to keep ESD totes clean?

Electronics Forum | Fri Nov 18 11:51:47 EST 2011 | rway

Much ado about nothing. Reminding has failed? Who runs the place? You sound like you are a person in authority. You may not be the boss, but authority has weight. The folks that can't seem to remember (or care to remember) have bosses that you c

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 25 12:44:25 EST 2005 | Indy

thanks for all the information... if you have any more please keep them re-flowing.. cheers Indy

Conceptronic Reflow cooling zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 09 09:36:55 EST 2006 | aj

All, I would like to find out if it is possible to adjust the cooling rate on a Conceptronic Reflow Oven Model HVN70. We do not use Nitrogen and the Cooloing system is Genesis GCM-1. From profiling it seems to be cooling too quickly. Any replies a

Electrovert oven zone

Electronics Forum | Thu Feb 16 20:55:57 EST 2017 | youngbuck

Was wondering if anybody has experience a zone that will not get up to temperature. I changed the Solid state relay, made sure the thermocouple is working. The only thing I can think of is the bottom heater panel has a corroded/broken wire which is a

5 zone reflow oven

Electronics Forum | Wed Feb 23 18:27:12 EST 2005 | gpaelmo

Hi Indy, Check http://www.jmw-inc.com (they are in the midwest so shipping will not be too bad going out east). I bought 2 MPM printers and a pick and place machine from them late in 2004. I know they have 5-zone reflow and 7-zone ovens there (elect

IR zone vs forced convection

Electronics Forum | Mon Oct 30 09:43:31 EST 2006 | russ

Are your preheaters maxed out then? What is conveyor speed? anyway I would not have issue with that configuration at all. I have actually found that when using convection for some watersolubles you actually dry out flux and performance is worse.

Reflow Temperatures and speed for a 7 zone top/bot for conceptro

Electronics Forum | Wed Jun 25 18:17:48 EDT 2003 | Brian W.

Water soluble pastes generally work best with a ramp-to-spike reflow profile. Check your paste manufacturer's recommended profile. There are many factors that impact your profile; board thickness, component density, buried thermal masses, board si

Vitronics oven software- one zone ?

Electronics Forum | Mon Aug 09 16:17:13 EDT 2004 | davef

Haaaa This is straight out Delbert

Profiling - suspect flux burn out before reflow trouble shooting

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 04 00:36:25 EDT 2008 | shrek

Try a linear, very flat ramp rate on the order of 0.5 degrees celcius per second. I know this is hard to accomplish with a five zone, but try to lower the first couple of zones (the preheat zone), and then spike to reflow aggressively during your la

Parting out GSM2

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 21 21:36:46 EDT 2022 | ttheis

We are parting out a GSM2 machine and plan to keep most of the parts for spares but if there is some bracket, bearing, roller, switch, etc. that someone needs let me know asap and we'll see if we have it.

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