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Re: Tomb Stoning

Electronics Forum | Fri Jul 16 14:36:40 EDT 1999 | ken

Jeff, if you have not already tried this, try a longer, more gradual reflow phase in your profile. This has worked for me to eliminate tombstoning during similar situations where non standard component pads were used. It may provide you a useable a

Tombstone defect

Electronics Forum | Sat May 03 00:58:51 EDT 2003 | ken

Did you check if the height of solder mask between two pads is higher than pads?

Water soluble mask for wave

Electronics Forum | Wed Dec 16 18:22:42 EST 2009 | ken

We are looking for a new water soluble mask to cover SMT parts through wave. We currently use TechSpray wondermask w 2205. It works decent, but tends to leave a residue on boards even going at the slowest speed in the washer. Any suggestions would be

The story so far!

Electronics Forum | Fri Jan 19 16:12:20 EST 2007 | patrickbruneel

Ken, I like to take the opportunity with this thread to get something of my chest. I like the 2007 Ken a whole lot better then the 2004 Ken (at least if it�s the same Ken). Remember this thread? http://www.smtnet.com/forums/index.cfm?fuseaction=vie

Quad 1000, looking for opinion

Electronics Forum | Tue Nov 01 20:26:45 EST 2005 | erokc

bobpan, send me an e-mail if you don't mind. KEN needs something to do. Every group has their KENs and smutking! I found this forum on a search for Quad 1000. The "Quad 1000 error" post came up with a reply from smutking. Dave

Re: Lead Free Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 04:40:15 EST 2000 | kenfong

Alan, I want a copy. Thanks. Regards, KenF

Re: Lead Free Components

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 02 04:40:15 EST 2000 | kenfong

Alan, I want a copy. Thanks. Regards, KenF

Production Line Setup

Electronics Forum | Mon Jun 10 03:14:29 EDT 2002 | fastek

Gotta hand it to you Ken. Quite a piece of marketing to sell feeder carts.

performance improvement

Electronics Forum | Fri Jun 14 12:23:13 EDT 2002 | cyber_wolf

Ken, With all due respect, you need to quit preying on these new guys. I mean cummon man........

50 PPM

Electronics Forum | Wed Aug 21 03:27:32 EDT 2002 | jkhiew

Hi Ken, Our printing is 49ppm, mounting is 83ppm & reflow is 150ppm. RDGS

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