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flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 26 16:31:02 EDT 2004 | Sue PH

We use Kester 186 flux and the STU people would sometimes find white residue after cleaning with Isopropyl at the solder station. We have Lenium (Petroferm)in our vapor degreasers, and now they use Lenium at their stations as well as final clean, an

flux on PCB's after cleaning

Electronics Forum | Wed Jul 21 17:49:52 EDT 2004 | jsk

problem: Too many solvents and boards are not clean Flux remains on the board after vapor degreaser and "Powdery" white residue after vapor degreasing Flux type is kester 186 Process: hand solder High Temp alloy, spot clean after hand solder e

Re: White layer appearance on PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jan 28 16:29:03 EST 1999 | Tom B

Okay, Another question, if the soldermask in not cured, then it is washed will water ingress (from wash or ambient ) play havoc with capacitance or dielectric of PCB. I mean will my crystal and clock circuits start "Y2K'n" on me. OR will my PCB go


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