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pcb manufacturing

Electronics Forum | Wed Jan 13 04:27:00 EST 2016 | crystalpcb

Hi Here is our factory production capability: Shenze Electronic PCB Specification Layer Count 1 to 35 Layers Material Brand Shengyi,KB,GRACE,ISOLA,Rogers,Taconic,ARLLON,Bergquist Base Material FR-4(TG135,TG150,TG170,TG180),Halogen Free FR-4,Ceramic

In-Line Stencil Printers vs. Semi-Auto

Electronics Forum | Sun Feb 24 13:52:47 EST 2002 | bentzen

Hi Armin Printing equipment can be divided into two main groups; In-line and off-line. For "small" production sites an off-line screen printer should be adequate but for high out-put placement lines, where the product cycle-time is short, an in-line

Fine Pitch Printing Issues

Electronics Forum | Wed May 19 16:02:32 EDT 2010 | remullis

I am currently experiencing major issues when printing fine pitch parts. Pad width is .008 Even starting with a new screen, fresh paste, etc. I see where the paste is not breaking away from the screen apts consistently and when inspecting the pads I

Nano coatings ?

Electronics Forum | Fri Feb 22 15:56:34 EST 2013 | davef

I don't know, what you have, but I just got back from the IPC APEX show and I'll make several points: * One take away about 'nano ...' is that it means different things to different people. For instance, in stencil printing: ** DEK uses Aculon and it

24Hour 2 layer PCB / 48Hour 4 layer PCB / 48 Hour 6 layer PCB

Electronics Forum | Thu Jul 09 22:45:42 EDT 2015 | cathy247

Hello Maxim, we offer below services with Popular Competitive Pricing: -Express PCB Prototyping(2-28 layer) -HDI PCB -Flexible Printed Board(1-8 layer) -Flexi-rigid Printed Board -High Frequency Board(Rogers,Arlon,PTFE) -Blind/Buried Via Board -High

Thermal Pads Soldering Worry, can anybody help?

Electronics Forum | Mon Jul 24 22:50:43 EDT 2017 | dawson

In fact, we can solve this problem easily. AOI only check whether the IC is soldered well. But we can ask our technician to make a test first to control the reflowing temperature and time. 1. using tool to test the temperature between the bottom IC

Re: Step-down stencil Versus Reduced Aperture Design

Electronics Forum | Thu Sep 02 07:22:03 EDT 1999 | Earl Moon

I'd like to know the advantages and disadvantages between the two. Thanks and regards, Both have their place. When using less fine pitch (.025" +) with fine pitch (.020" or less and BGA's) a .007" thick stencil may be used. This would re

Stencil Printing Process Troubleshooting and control

Electronics Forum | Thu Oct 17 17:18:48 EDT 2002 | Leandro G. Barajas

Hi everybody, This is a simple posting to initiate a discussion on different ways to troubleshoot, improve, and control the Stencil Printing Process SPP in SMT manufacturing. There are many SPC, ANOVA and other analysis techniques that provide insi

Re: How to convince management on buying Equipment ? ---For Dave F, Wolfgang, Moonman and the rests!!!

Electronics Forum | Tue Oct 03 11:07:00 EDT 2000 | C.K.

"In Reality there's no additional cost or extra cost for the cleaning time since there is no increase on operator's wage in doing the cleaning but instead just an additional load or job for the operators at the same wage cost." I'd have to agree...

Stencil Cleaning OnBoard Forum Now In Progress

Electronics Forum | Thu Mar 01 10:46:11 EST 2001 | davef

Various lint free stencil wipe suppliers take various approaches to stencil cleaning. For instance ... Techspray Directions: Start with a dry TechClean Wipe (2358, 2361, or 2362) to remove excess solder pastes. Follow this with the 1608 Pre-Saturat

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