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Selective Soldering Nozzle Life

Apr 4, 2016 | Lead nozzles last longer than lead-free nozzles. Our lead-free nozzles typically last 9-12 months b

Jul 10, 2014 | I'm not sure what happened to my post, but we think to have got the situation under control. The sol

Jun 22, 2014 | I don't know. We never had craziness like this before lead-free. You should have the yellowish-me

Through Hole Pad contamination

Nov 11, 2013 | Are you using lead or lead-free solder? 260C would be good for lead solder but may be a bit low for

BGA Pad Cratering

Jun 6, 2009 | Was this a lead-free capable material that fits into IPC 4101/126 or /129, like an Isola 370HR? I w

Black Pad?? (PICTURES)

Oct 20, 2008 | Patrick You're correct that black pad analysis is a distructive test. Kicking the lead-free do

Reflow soldering

Nov 29, 2007 |

Cu% spec for lead free HASL surface finish

Nov 28, 2007 | There is no specification for lead-free HASL. You can use any lead-free solderability protection tha

Lead Free Alloy

Nov 9, 2007 | Don't forget that leadfree solder can leach the iron out of old solder tanks. Make sure yours is co

Who's heard about

Aug 3, 2007 |

Who's heard about

Aug 1, 2007 | With the rising cost of lead-free, reliability and many other issues I�m sure �it� will get some ser

What to use SAC305 or SAC405??

Apr 17, 2007 | Yes, all the leadfree solders are currently for consumer products. Military and aerospace industry

0402 aperture design lf

Apr 16, 2007 | "Although some lead-free pastes performed adequately and newer pastes work better than earlier formu

simple doubt about reflow profile

Feb 16, 2007 | Hi Darby, Where did you get the info. that cooling rate is not-as-critical for lead-free? I'm no

Step by step guide in evaluation of Solder Bar and Flux

Dec 11, 2006 | Title : LEAD-FREE WAVE SOLDER FLUX EVALUATION Author : Michael Havener Author Company : Be

Midchip solderballs (MCSB) on pb-free

Sep 26, 2006 | Just to update you on what I have found. I was using Indium leadfree paste and I switched to Alph

Lead Free boards

Aug 29, 2006 |

lead free

Aug 4, 2006 | buy leadfree compatible ones ! Are your op's trained on Leadfree soldering? aj...

Lead free contamination at reflow

May 16, 2006 | Contaminate your Leadfree Process with WHAT? What contamination are you concerned about? Its a

Lead free contamination at reflow

May 16, 2006 | I have only one reflow oven can I use it for both processes (leaded and lead-free)? If I do use it,

Surface appearance

Feb 21, 2006 | Dear all, Recently our lead-free samples being rejected due to very dull and sometimes grainy and

fluid dispensing pumps for integration

flying probe test services